How to make the stove waste oil with their own hands?

Large numbers of people are often faced with the problem of heating a greenhouse, garage, one of the rooms still unfinished cottages and so on.Of course, the solution to this problem may well be buying a special heating equipment.But is not it better to make the furnace waste oil with their own hands?Moreover, it is not difficult, and from an economic point of view is much more profitable than buying a hardware store.

So, we give a brief tutorial create such a heating element.In fact, this oven for otrabotanom oil consists of only four main parts.This chimney, two tanks and connecting pipe for these vessels.And worth noting in advance that the cover of one of the containers (top) must be strengthened, because it will burn through most quickly.

Also, if you create a furnace waste oil with their own hands, it is necessary to take into account some features of the connecting pipe.Do not use pipes with a diameter of less than 100 mm.A minimum length shall be 400 mm.In general, it is desirable that this

is the length exceeds the diameter of approximately four times.On the entire surface of the connecting pipe nasverlivayutsya hole diameter of 9 mm.Such holes need about 50 pieces.

also making furnace waste oil with their own hands, do not forget about the chimney, which, again, has some features of its own.It is logical that it should be placed over the top of the container.It should be borne in mind that its base is mandatory should be temperature-resistant.As for the future length of the tube - it can be done even from the tin.By the way, with regards to the length, it is desirable that the smoke hood was up to 7 meters.But if necessary, it can be reduced to four, and not less.In some cases, in order to increase heat transfer, such a tube is tilted at a certain your site.But in the end it should be strictly vertical, so it does not wind blew.If necessary, you can make a special cover that will protect the chimney from being hit by rain or snow.

Now furnace waste oil with their own hands is almost ready.It remains to deal with a lower capacity.This capacitance, as well as the top, covered with a lid, which is welded to the connecting pipe and the upper container.Between this lid and the vessel itself must not be absolutely no gap.But it is necessary to have an adjustable aperture for filling oil and oxygen.And do not forget that the whole structure should be placed on special legs.In general, all ready to bake.

Finally I would like to note that this heating waste oil has some significant advantages.Firstly, it is the above-mentioned efficiency, because working out is really cheap.In addition, the operation of such furnaces is considered to be environmentally friendly, they are absolutely not chadyat.Well and mobility equipment.The stove is very simple, it can be easily disassembled and transported.