The social status of a person.

Each of us takes a certain position in society according to age, gender, occupation, marital status, origin.The position of the individual is connected with the positions of other persons through a system of rights and duties, while defining the social status of the person.

Everyone takes a few positions.For example: my neighbor - a young woman, a teacher, Orthodox, wife, mother, and others. The combination of all the factors - is a status set.

other words, social status - is man's place in the hierarchical structure of society, according to which he can somehow influence it.

Sociologists distinguish the following statuses:

  • Natural Born - is the sex, nationality, race.They are constant throughout human life.But this status as a member of the royal family, for example, there is the moment of birth to the collapse of the monarchy.
  • acquired - they achieved the efforts of the person - education, position, rank.
  • Prescribed (prescribed) - acquired by a person regardless of his desire (the social stat
    us within the family, age).They may be innate or acquired.

Society differently assesses the significance of various statuses, while defining the prestige.It depends on the system of values ​​characteristic of a society, which is estimated on the basis of social utility functions performed by the individual.Social status has a decisive influence on the behavior of the individual.

person's social status - is an element of the social structure, and the role - a behavioral component status.

Let us examine an example.There are two official occupying similar positions that perform the same duties.But they can implement them in different ways.One can do it for the good, and the other to pursue other interests that are good for society is difficult to call.Therefore, having the same social status of the person, people can behave differently.

So, the social role - is a model of human behavior a certain status in the exercise of the rights and duties prescribed by this provision. social status and role, that is,behaviors are closely linked.

Each of us belongs to a lot of status groups, each of which has its own hierarchy.If the status - a place in the hierarchy, he called the rank.

Prestige status is in direct proportion to the importance of its functions for the development of society, from the scale of values ​​of the society.

Cases when society unreasonably inflated status and prestige of one another unfairly undervalued.With this imbalance, it is unable to provide its normal, stable operation.

status of the individual may be high in one group and, on the contrary, very low in the other.For example, a good tailor or barber customers are recorded in advance, indicating its high status professional.But the family, for example, it does not have the appropriate respect.

In this case, we see a clear discrepancy status.This is possible even when the execution of the rights and duties of the position preventing the execution of the rights and duties of the other.For example, a civil servant has no right to do business, the police should not be the mafia, it is impossible to imagine a banker, who in his spare time begging.

man who has reached certain high positions in the society, as a rule, trying to maintain their social status of an individual, fit him to perform his role status.From him with specific status, people are waiting for specific actions.And he knows it.

respect to any person with others always line up according to how well it performs its status role.