Build yourself: Fill the foundation with his own hands

order to build with their own hands the house is not simply labor and high diligence, you have to be disciplined and have golden hands, because everything from digging trenches, requires strength, experience and knowledge of the process, but it's worth it! Fillbasement with his own hands is justified by the fact that all of his technology will have to oversee, be sure that providing a great waterproofing foundation of the house, and hence its longevity.

indispensable condition which must be observed when started pouring the foundation - a timeline, by the way, very short.First, even minor rainfall, the soil will make a soft, loose and have its seal, remove the water.After the trench dug to a depth of freezing, sinus foundations filled with soil, and on the bottom of the pit is laid and then compacted, 20-30 cm cushion of crushed stone or peska.V private housing, as a rule, this type of foundation is used as a belt.This is one of the most time-consuming and expensive methods, but it is possible, first

- to save a lot of money, and secondly - to erect a building on any ground of any severity, even with columns, a ground floor, underground garages and cellars.

come before the final chord - pouring the foundation with his hands, it is necessary to solve such problems: -proschitat how much concrete will be needed, and what - it is desirable that it was a factory, balanced and uniform consistency, rather thin, as sour cream;-priobresti deep vibrator, which is required for the compaction of the solution, you can, of course, to carry out this work and with the help of shovels, hoes or fittings.Then a good rattle formwork around the circuit.This stage requires a lot of care, or after the first winter the foundation will begin razrushatsya.Zalivka strip foundation if no additional upper ribs, first performed not completely - left the couple a little more centimeters to the formwork, and if so, what is left forday to cool, remove the ribs, made up the solution and level the surface with a trowel.After pouring the foundation is almost completely ready to make cement.This procedure is as follows: the raw concrete has an even layer sprinkle dry, sifted, cement powder.As a result, the foundation zheleznenija stronger quickly grasp.

then follow as dry concrete: in hot weather, so as not to crack, foundation periodically moisten and rainy - harbor to provide within one week of normal conditions for setting the foundation.When the foundation is fully ready, it remains only to handle it, and then too, after all of these rules is sufficient to start the construction of the walls.Fill the foundation with his hands does not end there.Recent works associated with the removal of the formwork.To determine when it's time for this, simply - between the foundation and the formwork detected gap, and the board that harbor the foundation away from the surface.From fencing foundation heed all fasteners, spacers, props that were used to fix the shape of the tape base and a hammer rattles formwork.Then it was taken out, if somewhere boards lend themselves with difficulty, help yourself carefully shovel or other tool as the foundation is still syrym.Zalivka foundation with his own hands is completed fully when released from the foundation opalubnyh boards and defects.

Later in the week the foundation moistened with cold water every day to help him gain strength and eliminate water yielding capacity.It should be noted that such a process, as the pouring of the foundation with his hands at certain skill challenge is not so difficult, but in the end gives a substantial economic effect.