As the snowflakes stick to the window with the help of toothpaste, water?

the eve of the winter holidays, the windows of apartment buildings are beautiful and ornate filigree due pasted snowflakes.The children delighted with such craft, because they are easy to make with your own hands.Have fun when the whole family together preparing for the upcoming holiday.Joint activity is very brings.And even if there is no snow outside, the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale in the house is assured.There are many ways how to glue the snowflakes on the window.How better to do it so as not to damage the surface of the glass?

often on the window there are traces of glue and paper residues, because of what is necessary to contrive wash the entire frame.The most unpleasant thing is that to remove them completely is not possible, and in their place appear sticky divorce.Many used with negligence stationery knife to scrape away the hope remains of an adhesive base.Such actions often lead to scratches, nipped and other damage, affecting the appearance of the window.It is better to not to use s

uch methods.


How to glue the snowflakes on the window?The most common way to come to us from the time of our grandmothers.Then the decoration is secured using a soap solution or soaked soap.The back side of the rubbed snowflakes soap then wetted in warm water and applied to the glass.This method is the simplest.Snowflakes can be easily removed from the surface of the window, soaking them with water.Soap residue is also easily wipe with a damp cloth.After that there is only dry with a glass surface.


Like snowflakes sticking to the window with water?This method is also effective.However, fixing with water rather unreliable, since in this case the deformation of the paper.Without a strong adhesive backing, she bumps and keeps the glass very long.Breezes - and a snowflake will fly and spinning.The only condition is that the decoration, glued with water, still kept in the glass, this is the finest paper.If the manufacture of the product on tracing paper or the like, thanks to its low weight it does not fall from the glass.


How to glue the snowflakes on the window so that they are well kept?Often used an aqueous solution of dish detergent or shampoo for hair.To do this, a glass of water is added to a few caps soapy substance.Then snowflake dipped in the solution and applied to glass.If tightness is not sufficient, the concentration of resources should be increased.


Another antiquated method is sticking snowflakes using jelly.For this it is necessary to weld thick and strong, cool.Put on the back side of the snowflakes and attach to the window.After drying decoration will hold tight.Photographing a snowflake as it is possible.Residues on the glass surface can be easily removed by water or detergent.


Like snowflakes sticking to the window with masking tape or adhesive tape?At the top of the pattern must be applied to the small thin strips and fix the glass.This method of fixing is durable, but if insufficient ventilation in the room and the windows often misted, the condensate is easy to wash away the adhesive on the tape.Snowflake can fly away at the first breath of a draft.To this trouble does not happen, you can pre-make jewelery from the most thin paper or tracing paper.However, a more durable coating is considered normal snowflakes on a double-sided tape attached in the middle of jewelry, as well as on its edges.After the winter period, when it is necessary to clean the windows, you can do it with a solvent, nail polish remover or acetone.These funds are easy to remove adhesive residue without making streaks.

glue stick to glue

As snowflakes on a window with glue stick?The answer to this know almost everything.This method is most often used because of ease of application.First glue needed to hold on the back of the snowflakes, and then attach it to the glass.After a short while, to let go.Attached thus snowflakes hold long pattern itself is not deformed.However, after the winter holidays decoration is quite difficult to remove from the glass, and then glue the fragments remain.Its hard to wash, but no damage to the surface of the window is not the cause.A bit troublesome, but safe for glass.

water-soluble glue

Recommend strengthen snowflakes using water-soluble glues.It is also quite good at this task office.Its small amount applied to the snowflake in several places.Is then applied to the glass surface.When the glue dries out a bit, you can let go of a snowflake.This mounting method is fairly robust.After the winter holidays ornament very easy to remove and easy to remove adhesive residue simply washing their face.


Like snowflakes sticking to window with toothpaste?To do this, turn the paper product is applied to a bit of money.You can do it right on the pattern of the thin strip.Thereafter snowflake is applied to the glass surface.Wait a little release.Bonded manner snowflake will stay firmly on the glass, and when the time comes to remove it, no it will not bring trouble.You will need to attach the water soaked in warm rag on the snowflake.When she was a little otmoknet, it can be gradually removed.Remains of pastes are easily washed off with water or detergent.Here's how to glue the snowflakes on the window toothpaste.


many ways by which you can attach a paper pattern on glass, simple and accessible.Therefore, with the onset of the first days of winter have to boldly take on decorating their windows.Even if nature is not happy snowfall, the room is always a beautiful view thanks to the patterns on the glass.Give yourself and the whole family winter wonderland, the creator of which will be just you.