word "extremism" represents a commitment to the most extreme measures, or views, so treat this concept some dictionaries.However, current policy and social scientists, the term is understood in a broader sense.The Law "On Countering Extremist Activity" fixed definition of extremism.Today extremism include the following events:

  • Unlawful forcible change of the constitutional foundations of the state, aimed at the violation of its integrity.
  • public justification of terrorism (the ideology and practice of violence), any other terrorist activity.
  • incitement of racial, religious, social, ethnic hatred;violation of human rights and freedoms on the basis of this hatred.

Generalizing the concept, we can say that religious extremism - is not just a radical rejection of the constitutional foundations, but violent acts aimed at the destruction of the state system.All extremist acts are groups of individuals.

Most of the international political scientists distinguish the following types of extremism:

  • Policy.
  • National.
  • Religious.

Religious extremism - it is the desire for reconstruction of the world on the basis of religious beliefs.In addition, the concept is interpreted as a denial of an integrated system of traditional religious values ​​of a particular society, a desire to spread their religions beliefs and religious laws on society as a whole.

Today, on hearing the expression "Islamic extremists," but we need to understand that religious extremism - is not only Islam.These are some Christian denominations who seek to impose their views, religious-based nationalism.This sect, urging their followers not to recognize the secular character of the country, may not obtain, for example, a passport, VAT, etc..

Religious terrorism - is any aggressive acts on the part of radical believers (or organizers) configured radical militantway

Today, more gets stronger relationship between religion and religious terrorism.

origin of today's religious terrorism associated with the revolution of 1980 in Iran.Then the word "religious" meant exclusively Islamic terrorism.In the 90s, when the world collapsed communist ideology, formed a new state, the separatist (ie, calling for the separation of) organizations has become less.Number religious movements the contrary, increased.Now the word "religious" does not mean exclusively "Islamic."Extremist and terrorist organizations linked today with a variety of cults, sects, world religions.

main goal, which sets the religious extremism - the only recognition of their faith, suppression and destruction of all other religions, the forcible annexation of their faith.

From this perspective, Islamic extremism with its slogan "Death to all infidels" is the most prominent, popular and aggressive.At the heart of the Islamic religious extremism is the doctrine that Islam - not only religion, but the integrity of the political, ideological, social system, stand above all denominations.Therefore, according to representatives of movement, that Islam should rule the world, and all who do not recognize it, it must be destroyed.

How to deal with religious extremism and terrorism?

  • Since childhood nurture tolerance, tolerance, legal literacy.
  • organize educational work among the population.
  • in the media, with the help of radio, the Internet regularly publish materials about the activity of legally registered traditional religious associations to cover their work.
  • constantly and consistently monitor the media.
  • conduct joint preventive actions together with law enforcement agencies to eradicate all illegal religious groups.
  • Deny missionary, sectarian activities.

Only joint efforts can rid the world of terrorism and extremism of any kind.