Social infrastructure

set of activities that contribute to a comprehensive expression of human personality in the process of identifying their needs in providing different types of services - it is a social infrastructure.The definition of this concept is built on the existence of such forms of human activity, they need to meet the need for labor and material supply.

There are several approaches to addressing the internal structure and the classification of parts that includes the social structure.The basic approach is considering three functionally target blocks:

1) social, political and cultural activities, which include education, science, art, activities in the media and culture.

2) Maintaining and restoring the health of citizens - health, sports, tourism and environmental protection.

3) Public services - housing and communal services, trade and public transport.

functions that perform social infrastructure, determined by the objectives of the economic development of the whole society to achieve equality in soc

iety and the harmonious development of the human personality.Of these, the most important and target are:

1) the creation of conditions for the progressive tendencies in the society;

2) production workforce, which could meet the quality needs of society and production levels;

3) the correct use of labor resources;

4) providing comfortable living conditions for the population;

5) preservation and improvement of the physical health of members of the society;

6) productive use of free time.

Social infrastructure aims primarily to the full development of the human personality in the process of meeting its spiritual, cultural and household needs.Social infrastructure - is an activity that tries to take into account the main objectives of public policy aimed at improving the living standards of the people, their well-being and long life cycle, the formation of a healthy and active in every sector of national economic generation.This primarily included the resolution of housing problems, the liquidation of communal apartments, meeting the needs of the population in high-quality housing, which are constantly increasing, and the increase in the quality of society as a whole, ie the creation of the cultural life of people.In addition, the need to monitor the environmental conditions of life and work, to raise the professionalism of workers in all occupations, create social security for the entire population, to meet the needs of society as a necessary goods and services, while increasing the solvency of the population.

Currently, large scale becomes self-financing of social services for the population.This indicates that the demand for care welfare plan is not met properly.This happens due to a reduction in budgetary institutions providing preferential services to the population due to the reduction of public expenditure on maintenance of facilities, which includes a part of the social infrastructure.

agencies and organizations that are on the self-financing and receive a separate income budget subsidies provided to recover the missing profits to balance the expenditures and revenues of the enterprise.This need government subsidies most often caused by the desire of organizations to maintain existing demand for services provided or established policy of pricing of paid social and cultural services, such as theaters, cinemas, etc.