Where the heat in December or winter Where to go?

winter, more than ever want the hot sun and warm sea.December - a great time to travel to exotic destinations.So relax and celebrate the New Year in an unusual place!Where to go in the New Year holidays, you decide.Our recommendations will help to find a place where it's warm in December and January.

travel advisories

order to winter holidays bring joy and cheerfulness should carefully consider the choice of the country.To the body time to adjust to the new temperature conditions, rest should not be too short.For example, a trip to the country where it is warm in December, should be not less than 8-10 days, otherwise the journey could have a negative impact on health, particularly in weather-sensitive people.Persons coming of age and young children should choose routes with a mild climate and avoid sunlight during the hottest hours of the day.All kinds of sunscreen and hats - essential items in the "Coconut Paradise" on the ocean.

most tropical countries, where the heat in November and December

  1. Egypt - a popular place for tourists from Russia and Ukraine.The cheapest option in the winter.It is warm all year round, but the air temperature at night drops sharply in December.Due to the sudden strong winds swimming in the Red Sea becomes uncomfortable, but well-equipped on-site pools often save the situation.
  2. Thailand - travel to this paradise pleases tourists from around the world it is winter, when the rainy season is over.I do not know where it's warm in December?Choose Thailand - do not miss!Cloudless blue sky, gorgeous sandy beaches, picturesque palm trees leaning over the ocean waves, will give unforgettable moments.
  3. United Arab Emirates in December - is not just a beach holiday, but also a stunning shopping.In the last months of the year in the UAE comes the season of sales, for whom every day to thousands of tourists.Weather conditions do not allow swimming in this period, but for the residents of northern latitudes the most comfortable climate.
  4. for warmth, beautiful sun and tender sea, many choose India.Goa - a piece of paradise, where the heat in December.An amazing country of contrasts attracts visitors from colder countries.
  5. Dominican Republic is considered one of the most expensive resort countries.This is primarily due to the service, the beauty of the beaches and prestigious hotels.Those who are not used save money on vacation, certainly choose the crystal waters of the Caribbean sea and white beaches.

Travel to Europe

In the New Year holidays to enjoy exciting trips to European countries.Naturally, Europe - it's not a place where it's warm in December.However, in Italy, Greece, Spain is not hard frost.The sea temperature will not allow to swim, but to get a light tan on the land is possible.But not why millions of tourists come here.Winter - the time when you can see a lot of interest, not roasted through the sun and not tired of the heat.If the main goal - to see the world, get acquainted with the works of the geniuses of the world, the most famous museums of European countries are waiting for you!