What is the deadline for delivery of the annual financial statements?

Accountant - important person in any enterprise.After all, his work, his activities are aimed at analyzing and determining the financial situation at the company.According to reports, the accountant becomes clear how profitable or unprofitable enterprise is, visible gaps in activities, the most unprofitable and unpromising industry departments.Also on the reports can be seen where the money goes and whether all the costs justified.Therefore, it is important not to proputist deadline the annual financial statements, and to do all the time.Firstly, your boss will appreciate high-quality work, and secondly, you will avoid many problems, such as fines for having failed to provide reports on time.Fines imposed by the Internal Revenue Service for the whole company, and in some cases they are incredibly high.Therefore, because of such negligence can you get fired.

How to get done all the time?The fact that experienced accountants has a secret: they make up a calendar and are guided by it, what, when and how

much you need to pass.With regard to the annual accounts, it should begin to perform in advance: the amount of work is too large will not help even three sleepless nights.In addition, to carry out such a complex and responsible work at night sleepy very dangerous, one mistake can lead to the fact that the entire report will be incorrect and it will have to redo it.

example, annual reporting deadlines tend to "burn out" after 90 days will be held after the end of the year.This can be either June 30 or 31 March - in different organizations in different ways.In addition, the date changes every year.Clarify the terms of the annual financial statements must be the bosses, so you do not have problems and quarrels: after all it is known for sure.And be sure to note the date received in its accounting calendar and underline in red - is the most important job for the whole year round it will be evaluated not only the activities of the enterprise as a whole, but in particular your as an accountant.

By the way, this year the deadline of the annual financial statements would be rescheduled for May 18.It is enshrined in Article 6.1 of the "Law on Accounting".It is useful to view the law as well as major amendments to it, all the dates and change again to fix your calendar.For your information, in the same amendment states that it is possible and to submit the report on the last day, when the deadline comes the annual financial statements.This can be done up to 24 hours.By the way, if the deadline date falls on a day off, then you can pass it on the next working.However, this does not always happen.Each date must be approached individually.If you are able to keep within such a time frame, the period will not be considered missing, which would not be considered an offense.However, do not quite live up to this moment: the situation is delicate nervous cause you and your leadership.

Now let's summarize it makes a good accountant: it gathers all the information and figures on the annual accounts long before the time for delivery of the annual financial statements.Even more: the information for the first three quarters of inciting it in advance: at least one week prior to the deadline.After the data for the previous quarter, just do not change.It remains the 4th quarter: first you need to prepare a report on the quarter, calculate profits, income and expenses.Then enter all necessary information on the quarter in the annual report, summarize and deliver all the appropriate authorities beforehand.This will help you complete knowledge about the date of delivery of this year, as well as drawing up a calendar in which all of these dates will be carefully noted.