Where it is found the biggest catfish?

Catfish, because of its large size and prevalence is an object coveted catch for many anglers.Generally considered catfish weighing up to fifty kilograms.But the big ones did not even raise one person - their weight is calculated hundredweight, and in the length of some members of this species can reach three meters.We know quite a lot of cases, catching catfish extraordinary size, but fishermen are not in a hurry, usually as a fix similar fact so reliably determine what the biggest catfish was izlovlen and where, is just not possible.I must say that the habitat of freshwater catfish in the world is very large - he loves and warm temperate latitudes, but in northern areas it is not found.

Officially ginnesovskim record is Thai inhabitant of the Mekong River.Weight giant was 292 kilograms.Since the catch was recorded in the presence of witnesses, it is the freshwater fish - the world's largest catfish.Interestingly also the fact that it has been almost ten years since the capture of the giant, and the

record still has not been overcome.

Ichthyologists assure that the giant catfish - not such a remarkable phenomenon, the whole thing clean water and abundant food.By the way, soma - predators.The main diet - crabs, fish, frogs, leeches, does not disdain carrion.Giants prefer ducks and other birds, squirrels do not disdain any unwary medium-sized critter.
But according to historical sources, modern catfish too small compared with its predecessors.For example, in the German Oder at the beginning of the nineteenth century he was caught catfish weighing from 400 to 450 kilograms!This is to ensure that modern Europe's largest catfish weighed only 150 kilograms.The lucky winner turned out to catch the Italian Armando freezer.
Native open spaces also famous for its giants.The biggest catfish was caught in Russia in the nineteenth century.Its weight is 347 kg with a length of four and a half meters!Currently documented cases capture the huge Russian catfish, alas, no.It is not that the fish moved up - on the Volga, for example, a two-meter length of the catfish - the most common.Most likely, the thing is that the certification of the catch - it rather troublesome, and fishermen do not consider it necessary to waste time on such nonsense.And maybe - just shy interfere.One way or another, but the scale of the Russian champion is now officially does not exist.

addition to gigantic proportions, catfish can have an unusual color.For example, in the British river Ebro catfish are found albino.The biggest catfish with a lack of melanin was izlovlen Chris Grimmer.Weight albino was 88 kilograms.
Presumably, the biggest catfish is an inhabitant of the Dutch lake in the park Ā«CenterparcsĀ».Giant of up to three meters is a local landmark and is named Big Momma.Incidentally, this lady a good appetite, because it every day, in addition to the usual food, eating two or three waterfowl.

Despite the fact that catfish is not able to grab prey teeth because of their fineness, he bites painfully.Also known cases of attacks on people soms.All this makes it unsafe for swimming pools, inhabited by these unusual creatures.