What good electric - you decide for yourself

interesting point: we are living in an age of high technology, we strive to simplify your life and surround ourselves with "smart" things, makes it easy to cope with every pressing need - from brushing teeth to the general cleaning in the house, and at the same time remains extremelyconservative approach to such a familiar, everyday, sometimes burdensome but necessary hygiene procedures like shaving.See what our bathrooms are equipped with: an electric hair dryer, electric comb, electric epilator, electric toothbrush and ... ordinary machine.Well, maybe not the usual - with a few blades with micro-ridge with lubricating strip, but in essence it is the same old, not to say - archaic "dangerous" razor.

Let the machine do not hurt yourself so much as his ancestor of open blade, but it still requires special skills treatment and care.A constant change of blades, buying ever ending at the most inopportune moment foams, gels, creams, balms!It is no wonder that many men are increasingly looking not go there

on the shaver?They are in fact so much now - beautiful, elegant, stylish, clever.And it often refrain from buying because they do not know: what shaver is good, and what - not.Let's deal.

What are they?

With all the seeming variety, the main shaving systems in actual fact only two: the mesh and rotary.The first cuts bristles vibrating blades, about the same as in the machine, only on the skin of their separate steel mesh - hence the name.In the second with the same task handle small round rotating blades enclosed in the shaving heads.What good shaver for a specific person - Net or rotary - is himself and identify with the recommendations of experts and knowledge of the features of his face.If your skin is sensitive, while experts generally recommend using a mesh system, only the rotor, it is considered cleaner and neater shave.

which improves the quality of shaving?

Suppose you determine which electric good for you - net.So, give up the accuracy "in favor of" sensitive skin?Not at all, manufacturers of razors in this matter are not sleeping in a hat.Shaving heads designed to improve further.The principle here is the same as in machines with multiple blades more than a head - cleaner shave."And the higher the price," - skeptical add your wallet.Alas, for the quality of always having to pay extra.

more comfortable doing shaving movable (floating) head, following the contours of the face.But one of the mesh patterns used shaver head arcuate shape that provides a better fit to the face and, respectively, a closer shave.So the question of what kind of electric good prevails "tricked", as did almost everything else.

dry or wet shave?

Did not you know?Using the shaver does not exclude the possibility of applying foams and gels that make shaving more pleasant.Just to have this capability, it is necessary to choose an electric shaver in which the function is provided a wet shave.Such a razor, among other things, also the easiest to care for, since it can be easy to put under the faucet and rinse.In some models, even the manufacturer has provided special tanks with dispensers, which is filled with a gel or lotion.It is understood that these improvements increase the price even more, as the presence of the battery, which allows to use a razor on the road, and equipment liquid crystal display, which shows the battery charge level.

What are the best electric shaver?

main producers of electric shavers, whose products can be recommended with confidence, it's Braun, Panasonic and Philips, with the first two specialize in mesh razors, and the third - on the rotor.Each firm has developed a number of models that satisfy the demands of this or that, so to say for sure - what better electric - is simply impossible.They are all in their own good - for someone functionality, for someone to design for someone costs.We just need to carefully approach the selection, and then the question "What is a good electric?" You say with confidence: "My!".