Weinzierl Baos 772 - Universal Knx Ip Gateway.

German company has released another Weinzierl BAOS product series - the universal interface pairing of home automation systems BAOS 772.

BAOS 772 as the previous predecessor BAOS 771 and BAOS 770 provides the ability to communicate in a bilateral mode, home automation system - "Smart House" on the basis ofEuropean Installation Bus Instabus EIB KNX with other home automation systems by means of the exchange of IP packets.

Currently, the company "smart" exhaust collaboration systems "Smart House KNX" with such systems as the multiroom system Crestron and AMX, with the Universal Remote Control Philips Pronto and myNevo, systems, smart home control by means of iPod, iPhone and iPadas well as control home automation systems by means of a PC.

Weinzierl BAOS 772 - can work simultaneously in two modes:

  1. exchange IP packets by means of Binary Protocol V2.0 - Lines in 16richnom format.
  2. Pinging format BAOS Web Services - Text strings Http request.

When using Binary Protocol V2.0 comes in response to a

string in the format 16richnom.

When using BAOS Web Services in response to a text comes in a package format JSON.

advantage BAOS 772 is a small footprint, only 2TP (two seats on the rail DIN) and the universality of the external power supply.To power the Gateway KNX IP BAOS 772 requires constant or variable voltage 12-24v.BAOS 772 can operate from 1,000 group addresses KNX IP and support right up to 10 IP connections.

With BAOS 772 can easily connect multiple network segments without KNX bus interconnect.

With BAOS 772 can easily expand any system MULTIROOM AMX or CRESTRON devices Instabus KNX absolutely any manufacturer ABB, Busch-Jager, Gira, Berker, Jung, Merten, Schneider Electric, Theben and many others in such a way to expand the functionality of the system and significantly improvedesign terminals.

company Weinzierl provides excellent technical support of its products.

On the website you will find a complete description of the protocols and Binary Protocol V2.0 BAOS Web Services JSON in both German and English.Covers: the ETS format .vd4 and vd5.Instructions on commissioning ETS Professional.

demonstration programs for MS Windows Demo Client Protocol.

Kdrive BAOS Binary SDK for C ++: SDK visualization and control systems for operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS.

html code for example, for creating visualization systems, Web-based applications.

You can download a free system of mini imaging for Windows Desktop as a Gadget, with which you can make lighting control, including dimming, control electric curtains and cornices, climate control, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning but also warmfloors, and many others.

Excellent presentation of information and the openness of the protocol puts "smart home" Instabus KNX BAOS 772 with a new qualitative level.

Order home automation system "Smart Home" system or MULTIROOM you can leave an e-mail to the company's website "Smartop" St. Petersburg.