Fast food "delicious" business selling hot pastries

Fast food is now prevalent not only in major metropolitan areas, but also in provincial towns.There are many branches of this kind of activity.But more and more popular every year acquire stalls and restaurants that attract their customers "delicious" name "hot cakes".Fast food such a plan will be interesting to how office workers who do not have during the working day time for a full meal or just strolling people who have decided to have a snack in between times.

Choosing a point of sale

very important to pay attention to the level terrain of the selected place.It is best for this purpose are like airports, w / d and bus stations, flea and food markets, shopping and office centers.In the residential districts to place these institutions is not recommended: so you yourself cut its revenue by 2.5 times!The minimum area, which will occupy the point of sale, is 4 sq.m.Always welcome these institutions are in the territory of the big stores, since they help to attract new customers.


In order to produce and sell fast food, you need the following equipment set:

  • convection oven (power ~ 3.33 kW / h);
  • chest freezer;
  • proofers to raise frozen convenience foods and defrost (~ Power 1.1 kW / h);
  • shelves and showcases, which will include the final baking trays;
  • cash register;
  • vanity.


Proofing on time takes an average of 40 minutes to an hour.Baking Process - 15-20 minutes.This set of equipment is capable of producing approx.Item 100 units per hour.


pies and other baked goods are almost always relevant.The exceptions are, perhaps, only 10 days during the Christmas holidays.The most favorable time is the period from mid-spring until the last days of autumn.In the hottest summer days, there was a decline in demand by 15-30%, but sweet cakes with soft drinks continue to disagree "with a bang".


At the first stage it will be enough to hire a few vendors at all points.The average salary is around Seller $ 200 a month.Generally, the day the seller receives from 400 rubles, and for less work someone is unlikely to agree.With the development of business you may also require the services of a security guard and a porter.They will have to pay about $ 300 a month.


Fast food attracts people with its diversity.Why bother over that at each point of your customers could buy at least 15 varieties of products.You should know that in the morning the best selling sweet cakes in the middle of the day - meat, and in the late afternoon - pastries stuffed with potatoes, cabbage, etc.It is also worth considering.


Initially, in order to discover the point of sale, to purchase producing and storing of fast food equipment, you will need about 2-3 thousand dollars.Basically, excluding leases, funds spent on the purchase and maintenance of equipment and staff salaries.Ingredients for making pies and other baking hot are relatively few.One month from the same point of sales actually gain up to 300-500 dollars in profits.

Based on the above, we can conclude that fast food - this is an extremely profitable investment that is guaranteed to pay for itself and will consistently bring you the expected income.