Bath Pillow - comfort and convenience

for comfortable living and home comfort requires not only artistically decorated interior, but also the weight of various little things that a large assortment offers consumers a modern market.One of these handy gizmos and functionally justified a bath pillow.It is very important when making water treatments take a comfortable position and get the maximum possible relaxation of the muscle tissues.

Airbags bath

variety in shape and filling are necessary for personal comfort items contribute to the production of pleasure and provide an opportunity to get in the bathroom is most convenient.One of the most popular models is the airbag bath.

Despite some quick passing smell, rubberized material from which made this device very comfortable to hold and causes some association with children's inflatable circles.Manufacturers do not recommend using the product in direct sunlight.So soak up a cushion perhaps only taking water treatments at home.

Pillows on suckers

Very convenient airbag bath on suck

ers.The number of four pieces of small suckers fastened securely inflated to the product surface of the bath.To preserve the integrity of these fasteners have special tails.Pulling for them, it can be easily detached from the body of the bath pillow.

Each pillow for bath on suckers or without, can always be washed in running water and dried in a conventional manner.Under any even the most refined version of the bathroom design is always possible to find a suitable design variant of such products.It is well attached to the conventional cast-iron bath and Jacuzzi latest model.Especially durable acrylic product rests on wet surfaces.

The principle of inflatable products

inflatable valve is arranged in the same way as in conventional swimming circles.It is protected against accidental deflation.The only drawback of the valve is that it is not possible to fill the inside.You should not fully inflate a pillow so as not to make it hard.The low price and the possibility of a compact folding after use make this product affordable and indispensable in making the home relaxing water treatments.

very interesting pillow bath "Oriflame".It is not only different colors but also different forms.Especially convenient seems soft heart with a recess for the head.Pastel colors of coating material in a product suited to the interior of any premises vannogo.Hypoallergenic coating is perfectly clean and has increased strength.With careful handling of the desired service life and convenient accessory is unlimited.If the product is damaged, and the air bag went down the air, you should seal it on the same principle as repairing air mattresses.

Additional features

Modern manufacturers offer for sale a variety of different modifications and added to the basic functions of a large number of additional.Multifunctional pillow for bath can be equipped with a masseur or a player.Listening to relaxing music while taking water treatments create additional relaxation and a sense of peace.

softness and flexibility of inflatable products, the adoption of any convenient form of pillows filled with gel allow convenient accessory not only laid under his head, but under the back.Such a pleasant feeling while washing can receive not only adults but also children.Soft surface water takes delight any child.

very comfortable cushion for bath "Milk and Honey".Dairy products golden color coated antimicrobial composition for a pleasant and relaxing stay.

pillow with his hands

quite comfortable cushion for bath can be made with their own hands.

For its production need materials such as:

  • small soft terry towel;
  • quilt batting;
  • helpful dried herbs, such as mint, oregano, lavender or hops;
  • pleasant owner of the future product ethereal fragrance oils;
  • tapes for fixing and decoration.

on the pressed soft towel carefully over the entire length of the segment overlaps batting.He gently placed on a specially selected dry grass and drip a few drops of essential oil.Then cut three cutting braid of 30 cm each.Two ribbons fixed batting and towel.The edges of the latest twist in a roll with the batting and grass-filled and wrapped in lace with two runs.In appearance, the product should resemble a butterfly.The third segment of the tape fixed edge towels.This homemade headrest filled with fragrant effect on the body unusually favorable.Hot steam will spread the fragrance throughout the room bathroom, and dry grass saturate the water with nutrients.

Useful properties

There are a lot of good moments in life, and one of them - it is a pleasure to luxuriate in a pleasant and warm water, especially if it has a wonderful pillow for the tub.Such nice little things for fun is always possible to find a suitable form and color.

Any cushions for taking water procedures give the effect of relaxation, pampering and relaxation.It is just to get comfortable, to disconnect from the daily hassle and put his head on a specially prepared pad.