The coldest place on earth.

You never asked the question, where is the coldest place on earth?Frankly, I, too, until a certain time.And recently, began to complain to the friend, it seemed to me, in the cold -8 ° C, I suddenly realized that the person, so sympathetic in listening to me at the end of the phone, actually lives in Urengoy, which means that theycalendar and the summer temperature is below.

That's when me and wanted to know where it all is the coldest place in the world.

As it turned out, these points on the globe a few, and most of them more than a week will not be able to hold out no living thing, and even more so unprepared for such natural conditions.

  1. absolute champion can safely assume is the coldest place on earth called the Russian Vostok station located in Antarctica.The research station is geographically located in the vicinity of the geomagnetic pole (south).Altitude is about 3500 meters.Deep Freeze here - the usual thing, however, July 21, 1983 was the absolute record of the planet, amounting to -89.2
    ° C. What scientists do in a frost?Learn the local climate and nature, in particular, one of the largest lakes of the same name.A characteristic feature of this reservoir is that it is bound by 4km of ice.
  2. second place in the ranking of "Coolest place on earth" Russia again, but now it lies directly on the territory of the state.This tiny village Oymyakon (Yakutia Republic).Record low temperature here on the planet has been fixed a long time ago, at the beginning of the last century.In honor of the village even installed a plaque on which is written in the memory of future generations, that in 1926 it was here the lowest temperature of the entire northern hemisphere.And she was -71,2 ° C
  3. Let's change the continent, moved to North America ... As we know from the course of school geography, the lowest place on earth, or rather, one of them located in the US and has a rather ominous name Death Valley.Oddly enough, but this country is a leader in the list of so-called natural "freezer."The highest point of the mainland, tops of Mount McKinley, is both the coldest mountain in the world.In winter the temperature sometimes reaches to -40 ° C.
  4. Another research station, but now belongs to Canada can be proud of its location.The fact is that Eureka - this is one the coldest place on earth.But that's not all.Of course, it is difficult to imagine, but here, near Ellesmere Island, permanently residing people and the so-called town even applied to a map.Locals work, serving you created in the middle of last century, a weather station.Official annual average air temperature at the Eureka -20 ° C. In winter, the bar of the modern thermometer often drops to -40 ° C. And, nevertheless, tend to come here a lot.From tourists and visitors, we can say there is no curfew.Anyone who can afford to pay for the flight of about 20 thousand. Dollars, has a chance to visit the territory of the weather station.