How to re-register the car on the other person on favorable terms?

to control any kind of transport need appropriate documents proving the qualifications of the driver.In addition, it is desirable to be in possession of all the papers on the car itself.Manage the machine can be used only if you are the owner, entered into an insurance policy for a given unit of transport or have a general power of attorney.What to do if your car, but you are planning to give it to someone in temporary or permanent use?How to re-register the car on another person under the legislation of our country?

Select option transaction

Be prepared for the fact that re-registration documents for the car anyway take some time and your personal involvement.There is an option for very busy people - to write a power of attorney to a reliable person who will represent the interests of the owner with complex transactions: the sale, donation.As for the choice of the form of equipment transferred to other hands, it all depends on the situation.Remember that the owner must pay taxes, penalties and reim

burse the damage caused to the vehicle.So decide for yourself how to re-register the car.For example, if you purchased a car as a gift to some of the closest relatives, we can restrict drawing up general power of attorney.In this case, the one on whom the document is issued shall have the right management and a number of transactions described in the concluded agreement, but the responsibility for damages and payment of tax shall be the actual owner is.If you sell the car to someone from the family and you want to reduce the tax deduction of a transaction, it makes sense to issue the deed of gift.

Classic version of the sales

This transaction is appropriate when transferring the ownership of the car to someone from loved ones or buyers.If you doubt the good faith of the future owner of the vehicle or just afraid something wrong issue, it makes sense to turn to intermediaries - lawyers specializing in this field.Algorithm of actions is simple - the owner takes the vehicle from the account and concludes a sales contract with the buyer.After the transfer of property (vehicle) and money the new owner receives all the necessary documents and re-transport unit puts on record.At first glance it seems very simple, but what about the financial side of the issue - how much it costs to re-register the vehicle?Itself the purchase and sale performed and recorded for free (if you do not attract intermediaries), but still 2 to 3 thousand rubles for the associated costs should be postponed in advance.You will need to pay the legal costs and insurance.

How to donate a car?

Our country's law allows the transfer of a vehicle to another person free of charge, without official registration.In theory, you can actually give the keys to someone from relatives, notarize the Power of Attorney and not to take any other actions.Still firmly and correctly ask: "How to re-register the car on the other person?" And register the deed of gift.To do this, you make the treaty itself, shoot the car from the register.You can then go to the Federal Registration Service, and to restructure the ownership of the property subject of interest.It is required to pay the legal costs, its small size.A contract of gift is appropriate to be between close relatives in the event of the actual sale.If you are sure that the buyer will reimburse you the cost of the vehicle, a real (and legal) way to avoid paying taxes on property owned for more than three years.

General Power of Attorney

If you are not confident in their desire to leave the existing car forever, but for a while to give it to another person just need rescue general power of attorney.This document can be issued by a notary.You will need this for the personal presence of the owner and the person taking the car.And all the necessary documents for the car.Power of attorney expires - three years, at the request of the owner of an authorized person is allowed not only to drive and use it on your own, but also to remove from the register, or put on record or even sell or give.Bail out this document and in situations of code is not possible to execute the contract of sale of the vehicle.If the registration of the transaction for whatever reason, you want to postpone the first time, you can get a general power of attorney.It is appropriate in this case, if the relationship between seller and buyer confidence.

How to re-register the car on another person by way of inheritance?

First we need to start a legacy and to solve disputes with other heirs.If the car belonged to the deceased, claiming only one person, it becomes GIBBD with a certificate for the right to inherit said transport unit, and after checking the documents the machine is removed from the register.Then the heir, being already full owner, puts the car re-registered.Now you know how to re-register the car on the other person in all possible ways, it remains only to choose the most appropriate for your situation.