Chernobyl explosion

the Chernobyl explosion, of course, can be considered the largest man-made disaster in the history of mankind.This is not the first and not the last tragedy, which is associated with nuclear power, but so far nothing comparable in scale to what happened April 26, 1986, no.And we want to believe that will not happen.The consequences of the accident are felt to this day, although many of the victims have long been dead.However, the radiation that killed them, exerts its detrimental effect on their children and grandchildren.

All this, of course, have doubts in the minds of many people: how generally safe use of nuclear energy?This issue is so severe that most of the material on Chernobyl has not yet been declassified.And the causes of the disaster are not all clear that only adds fuel to the fire.Immediately afterwards the blame entirely was assigned to the station staff.However, given that the composition of all commissions were, first of all, the people who designed the reactor, and the station itself

, it is difficult to assume a different result.Now there are several versions of why did the explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant: it is structural disadvantages of a particular type of reactors, and the marriage of the equipment specific station, and the failure of the cooling system of the reactor, and held in the evening experiment, and a violation of the technical regulations by plant personnel.

safe to say that all of this really was the cause of the disaster, it is impossible.Rather, there was a collection of all of these factors.Ironically, that night, the experiment was conducted, to ensure the safety of the plant in the event of an emergency.

explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant could cause significantly less damage if there was no decision as long as possible to maintain secrecy.Even residents of the most nearest station to the last settlements were confident that nothing serious had happened, although it was necessary to start immediate evacuation of the population.

garbage population started only 2 days later on April 28.It was then sovetsvie media gave information about the tragedy in Chernobyl, although foreign publications have written about this already very much.And who knows how many would have continued playing in secrecy, if a gusty wind did not bring radioactive clouds in Europe.

And then you can see the difference in respect of governments to their citizens.The first increase in radioactivity recorded the employees of one of the nuclear power plant in Finland.Even before it became clear that the problem is not of a local nature, the population of the surrounding towns and villages were evacuated.

explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant took place late at night.The first to the scene firefighters arrived.They quickly realized what really happened, but despite the lack of appropriate equipment, they have brought to the end of its work, and in the morning the fire was extinguished.Over the next few days there was no way come close to the reactor, because its temperature exceeded the mark of 5,000 degrees.And over the station formed a cloud consisting of a large number of tiny radioactive particles.

When the temperature slept around a huge pit dug the station.It laid down the remnants of the exploded reactor.Then it was filled with a thick layer of solid concrete to prevent a radiation leak.But with the devastating ash cloud could not do anything, and eventually it is completely circled the earth.Unfortunately, because of this explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has affected almost every corner of our planet.

But most of all disaster impact on those who liquidated the consequences.And then largely played the role again the desire to conceal the incident and its impact on the population.Doctors were instructed anyone with no obvious signs of radiation sickness, the diagnosis "vegetative-vascular dystonia."Because of this, those who liquidated the consequences of the explosion, had difficulty proving that their condition is caused by the Chernobyl explosion.

It is difficult to imagine what tremendous harm caused this catastrophe the planet.Its consequences are still being felt: increase in the number of cancer patients and children born with various deformities, including Down syndrome.