Sigmoid colon: the location, the anatomical features

sigmoid colon (SC) is considered to be lower intestine colon, which passes into the rectum, so it participates in the process of transportation of faeces and their further breeding of the human body.

So, sigmoid location is near the top opening of a small basin, it is directed laterally to the right side to Kresttsy, then turns left and reaching the median line, goes down, where at the third vertebra krestsovogo goes straight into the intestine.Thus its length ranges from twenty to seventy-five centimeters (often this figure is equivalent to forty-five centim


sigmoid colon has two loop bending that descend into the pelvic cavity.The size and shape of these loops is different and depends on the structure of the human body, are adjacent to the left iliac and descend into the pelvic cavity, where one of them is facing down, and the other - up.That is why the sigmoid colon inherent S- shaped.Seventy cases out of a hundred the length of the loop varies from the UK twenty five to forty-five centimeters, it is called normosigma.If its size is less than twenty-five centimeters, called the sigmoid colon brahisigmoy.The outer diameter of the colon is six santmetrov, so if you exceed this size, it can be argued that its wall thickened.

UK is covered by peritoneum on all sides and has a mesentery, ie fold, by which the gut is attached to the abdominal wall, the length of fifteen centimeters, which gives it greater mobility.This fold in its structure has two sites, one in eight centimeters in length, the other - in ten.It therefore has the ability to move SC in the pelvic cavity and toward the stomach or liver.Note that intersects mesentery ureter, ovarian and iliac vessels located in the side surface and the lumbar and iliac muscles left sacral joint.Then she moves to the surface of the vertebral krestsovogo department and ends at the third vertebra.

Sigmoid colon, the location of which enables it to come into contact with the small intestine, or to be with them spliced ​​adhesions, can also come into contact with all authorities as the abdomen (except the pancreas) and pelvic cavity.

It should be noted that quite often (if long mesentery) sigmoid colon is moved into the iliac fossa, so you must be able to distinguish it from the cecum.To do this is not difficult, just need to remember that moving away from SC stuffing processes that are not in the blind intestine.

Once again emphasize that the sigmoid colon, the location of which is described above, it has a changeable morphology and anatomy, as they zaviyast of the processes that occur in it, as well as the constitution of the person, his age features, and many other factors.

At the transition into the descending colon sigmoid observed narrowing of the lumen, this phenomenon is called the sphincter of Bali.He is at the top of the iliac bone and has a length of up to two centimeters.Thus, the outer diameter of the intestine situated at this zone, is two to four centimeters in sfinkernoy area - up to two centimeters.

also the location of the sigmoid colon sfinkera (narrowing) and is in the middle, this structure is called the sphincter Myute, but it can be moved further from its center.When the outer diameter of this zone of the intestine composed of two to six centimeters, while in the zone Myute - from one to three centimeters.

Thus, we now know not only where the sigmoid colon, but its anatomical features.It plays an important role in the human body.