How to cure an alcoholic without his desire to folk remedies ?Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient

Alcohol abuse is the most common addiction in our country.Often, people suffering from this disease do not have the ability or the strength to fight against their own weaknesses.How to cure an alcoholic without his wishes?So the question is raised by many relatives of the sick person, because the appeal to a specialized medical facility in this case is simply unrealistic.Let's look at the most popular methods of treatment of latent alcoholics.

As a desire to overcome addiction?

How to cure alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient?Many experts believe attempts to cope with the terrible disease of desire, without the victim failure.If the alcoholic does not consider himself as such, to deliver them from dependence is almost impossible and no external influence will not bring proper results.Why the relatives of the patient dare to take action, which in most cases leads to failure?The standard explanation for this is the state of despair in which reside the majority of the patient's loved ones.Fir

st of all, you must give the report that alcoholism is a pretty serious disease that affects not only the physical, but also mental state.

The dangerous treatment without consent?

cure an alcoholic without his knowledge simply can not be, because you will not only improve the health of his body, but also in terms of the influence of psychology on the soul.If the patient does not consider himself as such, you can meet a significant wave of negativity and denial, which could negate all the efforts.A positive result is possible only if the alcoholic admits the existing problem and he is committed to solving it.This position provides the skilled person as much as possible treatment options.

condition codependency and methods of combating it

If people are constantly wondering how to cure alcoholism without the knowledge of drinking, most of all, he got into a state of codependency, it is also extremely dangerous.Suffer from this condition in the first place the next of kin, who daily observe the moral decline of the affected person from addiction.In this situation, the first thing you should do - cope with their own mental problem.This calls for some time to abstract from the existing ills and start living for yourself.Only a clear mind and respect for his personality will help you to assist relatives.If you can not cope with their own codependency, be sure to consult a specialist - psychologist.

What you can teach a specialist?

To find the answer to the question of how to cure alcohol drinking without desire, and should be referred to a professional who has considerable experience with such category of people.Under this scenario, the interested party will receive detailed advice on what action should be taken and how to talk to the victims.This information will certainly be very useful for the treatment of alcoholics, including in the event that he does not know about it.When choosing a specialist, to which you plan to apply, very carefully examine the reviews of his work.Unfortunately, in our time, a large number of charlatans get a medical license and carry out related activities, but the fruits of their work did not bring the desired result.

Basic principles of an ideal treatment

How to cure an alcoholic without his desire and perhaps to cure the patient at all?In response to the second of the questions asked, the majority of experts are inclined to negative.Zapivshego and degraded patient to cure a hundred percent impossible.This statement is usually quite pessimistic impact on its surroundings.But do not dwell on the sounded diagnosis - even if you are not able to help a loved one to the full, to have a significant positive impact is still in force.So, what is required for the formation of the state of remission?The first step is:

  • awareness of the problem to the victims and their expression of wishes to give up alcohol.
  • refusal from alcohol in any manifestation and in any amount (no exemptions).
  • Selection necessary treatment techniques (coding can be used hypnosis and other methods).
  • permanent control over the treatment of the victim, if necessary, assistance and support.

Basic techniques secret home treatment

Answering a question on how to cure an alcoholic without his wishes, there are two main areas of healing techniques.They look as follows:

  • Impact of animal or vegetable products of natural origin with the aim of creating unpleasant associations with alcoholic beverages.Typically, in such situations, using different herbs, which in interaction with alcohol component forming the side effects that are expressed in the gag reflex and a significant impairment of health.With regular appearance of discomfort after drinking the patient begins to associate these events with each other.
  • Charms and other mystical rites.To the alcoholic guessed, rituals are performed at the time of a sound sleep.The effectiveness of such techniques remains a big question, because they do not have any scientific basis.In any case, these techniques also have their own followers.

People's recipe: tincture Lycopodium

How to cure an alcoholic at home?One of the most popular answers to this question is the use of a plant called moss.This unique representative of the world of flora is used in traditional medicine for decades, throughout the time he gained fame quite effective, efficient tools.The course of treatment lasts about one week and is carried out as follows: 50-100 milliliters funds (five percent) daily, once.Once the drink has been The used, the alcoholic is required to give a small piece of cotton wool soaked in vodka or alcohol.The sharp smell of vomit provoking reaction and causes aversion.

choosing this treatment, you should give the report that even such a seemingly simple technique has a number of contraindications.The fact is that the plant is poisonous and can lead to or aggravate a number of diseases.Deciding to treat alcoholic a secret technique, be sure to make sure that it does not suffer from ulcers, tuberculosis or asthma.In addition, this technique is contraindicated for persons over 50 years.

medicinal tea-based herbal

How to cure alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient?You can offer him a variety of herbal teas, not to mention about the effect to which they might lead.The positive effect on the human body have different collections of plant components, such as a mixture of sage, St. John's wort, thyme and cranberries in ratios 3/2/5/1.Another good recipe involves the use of broth based on oat and calendula flowers.To begin the infusion of crude oat prepared and then it is already added dry inflorescences (about 100 grams per liter of the three liquids).This drink is applied three times a day in a dosage of 200 milliliters.

recipe vegetable juice

Let's talk further about how to cure an alcoholic without his knowledge of folk remedies.Among the older generation are very popular healing juices that discourage human desire to drink alcohol at all.For the preparation of a popular drink need to mix equal amounts of ordinary cabbage juice and pomegranate seeds.Use such a tool should be at least four times per day of about 100 milliliters prior to meals.

Useful properties dung fungus

the question of how to cure an alcoholic without his knowledge, you can also help the beetle and fungus - edible product, and under certain conditions, and very useful.How to apply these mushrooms?Prescription treatment is quite simple: they can be boiled or fried, and then eat with the usual side dish.An important limitation: simultaneously with dung should not drink alcohol - it can lead to significant intoxication.Treating the fungus is carried out strictly in periods of the patient's refusal of a considerable amount of vodka and other harmful drinks.What is the meaning of this methodology?After receiving his mushroom small amounts accumulate in the body if the patient used a drink the next day, it will feel the urge to vomit - a feeling would lead to the formation of aversion to drinks.

What is the living stone and how it is used?

about how to cure an alcoholic without his knowledge of folk remedies, known in the Middle Ages.In our country, to this end, we are using a unique natural product called living stone (or unctuous salt).Even in times of great princes of this tool secretly given for the treatment of alcoholics.It is said that it has brought positive results.How should I prepare medicine based on this matter?The scheme is very simple: half a cup of pure medical alcohol add about a tablespoon of salt unusual, the mixture is left to infuse for about 72 hours.After healing composition is ready, it is taken in a small amount (approximately seven drops) single.

Simple and effective green tea

How to cure an alcoholic at home the most simple and accessible?Oddly enough, but very effective product is an ordinary green tea.He not only perfectly removes toxins, but also helps fight prolonged drinking.What method is recommended to use this plant?Compulsory:

  • brewed tea leaves and added to any other beverage that uses the patient (including the black tea).
  • Steamed leaves and added to any other food: fried, boiled, first courses and salads.You can use them as a supplement to any meats unlimited number of times per day.

This tool has no side effects on the body and has a general beneficial effect.

most original and controversial technique

looking for an answer to the question of how to cure an alcoholic, if he does not want you to find the most original and controversial recipes.The most fun method are as follows:

  • smell the fire of birch wood, sprinkled with sugar, in a few days.
  • Eating liqueur based on vodka and cropped nails person - such a mixture is prepared in a period of ten days.
  • Adding alcohol green bugs (especially in vodka).
  • numerous bee stings in some cases, lead to the formation of negative attitudes to alcohol.
  • Eating significant amounts of honey, which makes up for lack of calcium can lead to the abandonment of the habit.
  • Use barberry also leads to the formation of non-harmful beverage.

Conspiracies and treatment of photos

possible to cure an alcoholic by the photo?As a rule, this method has the occult motivated.Plots can be read not only over the sleeping man, but above his photo.This solution is very convenient if close relatives are trying to cure a patient without his knowledge and desire.Useful spells sorcerers are often passed from generation to generation, people have to read them having a corresponding talent.In addition, it should be noted that such control methods also require a certain regularity.

Why can it be dangerous?

If you find your own solution on how to cure an alcoholic without his knowledge at home, be extremely careful.Folk remedies may be less dangerous than drugs and can also provoke serious consequences.The highest risks arise if an alcoholic suffering from any serious chronic disease or has a very advanced age.In any case, the patient, not knowing that he is being treated, not able to understand what caused the sudden malaise, and hence can not take adequate measures to remedy it.Be careful and thoroughly study the possible contraindications, especially the various herbal concoctions that may cause allergies, trigger a worsening of ulcers and so on.

Now you know how to cure an alcoholic without his wishes.Before you decide on such a risky move, be sure to weigh the pros and cons, and if possible, consult with a specialist to get professional advice.Do not forget that a positive result, even with the consent of the alcoholic, is conditional, and without the patient's desire to get rid of the addiction, he will be even more tenuous.