Bracelets Gold

bracelets of gold highlight the beauty of the hand, and without this accessory often the image can not be completed.This ornament worn by both men and women and the history of its origin goes back centuries.

bracelets started to wear for a long time, even when they were made of mammoth tusk.Then they began decorating grind stone and wore them only on their hands.Already in the 19th century became the fashion chain worn on the foot at the ankle, and even adorned with bracelets hairstyles fashionistas.Nowadays, bracelets are made of gold or a hand or a foot.Thanks to the efforts of designers, there is now a huge variety of variations of bracelets that can be worn as jewelery and evening dresses and business suits and casual clothes.

the East women have always adorned with bracelets hands, and no arsenal of insidious seducer of men's hearts could not do without this required attribute.

In Russia, gold bracelets were confirmation of the woman to a noble family, and held a high position in society.Sinc

e then, much time has passed, change shape, decor, size and composition of the material from which produced bracelets, but there are several standard types of bracelets that have become classics.

This round bracelets of gold, which in ancient times was called hoops.These ornaments were then still charms and purpose.They were inserted into the respective natural stones, which were designed to protect the wearer from all hardships and troubles from enemies and envious.

Then came the bracelets as an open ring.Such decorations are convenient in that they can be mounted in any place his hands, but moreover, they are often deformed and the wear resistance is not large.

chain bracelet made of gold and platinum, are particularly fond of women, although in recent times and they can be found on a strong man's hand.Such products are, of course, carried out in a bulk form and size.

Nowadays Bracelet - white gold, diamonds, adorning it, is becoming increasingly popular among the affluent.While for fine women's hands they are made in the form of thin rings of fine openwork or fanciful work chains, which are designed to emphasize the elegant hands.To complete the hands and wrists fit larger more massive bracelets that hide completeness.While designers are not advised to wear multiple bracelets on her arm.If you really want to put just two or three, it is better in this case to put the hoops with various stones.

increasingly popular now becoming bracelets of gold in the form of thin, fine chains, decorated with pendants.Pendants decorated with precious stones, paintings and colored enamel.They write with declarations of love and dedication, and leading fashion designers excel in beauty and originality of their performance.

when he opened the "iron curtain" - a country flooded the products imported from Turkey, India, Italy.And then begin to figure out that under the guise of gold items purchased abroad, even in large stores - the owner got a chain or bracelet, "golden", that is, on the product is a trial, it looks - as a costly thing, and is proving to be,that it consists of cheap alloy metals.This may be, at best, an electron - an alloy of gold and silver or heragold - low-grade gold, and at worst - it can be Goldin - a mixture of copper and aluminum, or beldzhik, has nothing to do with platinum, in addition to appearance.It consists of iron with the addition of chrome and nickel.

therefore made of gold a better buy in the domestic department stores, supporting their activity license and goods - certificate.