Fashionable knitted bags this season

No woman can nowadays do without such an indispensable accessory, like a handbag.Bags are very different - evening, business, household, different colors and sizes, made of different materials and unimaginably diverse decor.

But the most fashionable in this year's knitted bags, handbags, moreover, is not just for the summer as was previously assumed.Today, fashion trends allow a combination of bags, made of various materials associated with raincoats, boots, warm sweaters and scarves made of soft wool.

Knitted bags in their collections offer the trendiest fashion designers.It is delicate and lightweight bags for the beach year together and connected from dense woolen yarns and finished with stones and crocheted flowers with gold buckles and fringes, trimmed with ribbons and beads.Some fashion designers offer unique and stylish handbags woven from strips of leather, plain or colored, beautifully decorated with elements of wood.

in fashion now and knitted bag "fat bag", which perfectly suited the mo

dern business woman - it has to stay calm and cosmetic, and files documents, and wallet, and a couple of mobile phones.This bag can be made of any solid yarn, any color and size, it is possible to match any wardrobe, combined with the color of clothes, accessories and even a car.

Because this season boho-chic is back on the podium, ladies can get for your wardrobe knitted handbags from top designers.Therefore it is necessary to look to when searching for a suitable handbag on the podium and the selection will not take long.Not only in summer but also in autumn collections there are many fine examples of the art of knitting.And one of them - a clutch, a small handbag, perfect for an evening dress, and more.

Klatch - a stylish, beautiful and elegant handbag, usually of small size, in the form of an envelope, which is placed in his hand.It is believed that such a bag has to be virtually every woman's wardrobe.Bag - Clutch can be any size and shape, and it has received its name precisely from the fact that it is worn just in your hand, without straps and handles.This handbag woman takes with him to the theater or a restaurant by placing the most basic - a mirror, lipstick and a cell phone.Clutch can be made of any material - from crocodile skin, metal or conventional plastic.But this season are fashionable knitted bags - so now you can see many beautiful models from a variety of related threads and with different decor.

festively decorated handbags for every taste and color - it can be rhinestones, gold, feathers and pearls.They can be embroidered with beads and crystals, decorated with fur or fringe.There is no limit imagination, and designers are working hard to meet the demanding female half in fashion accessories.Fasteners such a purse can also different - buttons, zippers, snaps, made from different materials and in different styles.

Klatch - a small handbag and she looks great in the ensemble with dresses and exclusive jewelery.No less elegant this bag will look at a business meeting, and complete with a strict suit.Of course, in this case, it must be done in a more savoir-faire in neutral colors and natural shades.In this case, a clutch can be somewhat larger than the evening variant.In this bag can be placed and makeup, and a small diary and a cell phone.Modern designers take into account all the requirements of the current fashion for women's business and offer a variety of options that will satisfy the most demanding business woman.