Platform shoes - beauty care

If we look at all the options of women's shoes, many agree that the most comfortable for the foot platform shoes, though in appearance they so clearly and not say.And if you are not very tall, the high platform in this case is simply necessary, because then it may be a higher heel, which will be less adversely affect the stability of the shoes.That is why many women are encouraged by the fact that the new platform shoes in 2011, has become a fashionable trend.

general the whole history of the emergence in the world of shoes on the platform very far from the world of high fashion.The purpose of their use was greater social and practical.Such people wore shoes to be able to rise above the crowd and thus emphasize their social status.In addition to all these shoes let in the rain is not wet and dirty feet.It is difficult to say with certainty which first appeared on the platform shoes, as on Earth it is spread very widely.Platform shoes worn by women and even men in ancient Greece and Rome, ancient China

and medieval Europe.

Few people know that modern platform shoes were invented in the 30s of the 20th century's greatest Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo.In those days, we did not have enough metal for the manufacture of insoles and heels so often broke.Fashionistas then bring them in for repair, and then came up with Ferragamo, to exit from the position of the filling material cork heel.This invention led to the birth of modern shoe wedges and platform.

When a man walking a very important role is played by the foot - it helps to keep the entire body weight when moving in space.Such a role she carries due to its unique properties.Firstly, its curved shape follows a set - very solid and light design at a time.Secondly, while walking foot absorbs movements of the body thanks to three successive phases of the step: focusing on the heel, then roll and transfer the body weight to the other leg.That is why a man walks easily.

However, when we put shoes on the platform, everything changes.In such shoes is working there is only one phase of a step, so lost fluidity of movement.If every day to wear such shoes for many hours, the muscles of the foot almost no work, and calf muscles, on the contrary, will be transferred.This redistribution of load can negatively affect your musculoskeletal system.In addition, wearing such shoes, we put her body in a less stable position: increases the likelihood that you can tuck the foot.

It should also be remembered that in the comfort footwear plays an important role her shoes.If you buy the Italian platform shoes, these shoes may not be comfortable, because the Italians have legs.Therefore, be sure to carefully try on shoes.If you feel that you are uncomfortable in it, then this block is not suitable for you and of such footwear should be discarded.But do not give up the fashion trends in footwear.Now you have the opportunity to choose from a huge range of diverse proposed.

you will be able to choose for themselves a comfortable and light shoes on the platform, the only problem is that in this case will concern you - remember the name of the shoes, so that you liked.No wonder these shoes gained its popularity in Europe and the US in the 30s, and then experienced a complete triumph in the 60s and 80s of the last century.At the same time there was also a very special model - disco shoes, thanks to the platform that reaches a height of more than 10 centimeters.Therefore, thinking first of all about his legs, give preference to more humane and comfortable models.Especially since there is a choice, and there are plenty to choose.