Interactive forms of education

Interactive forms of education were introduced in the educational process in order to prepare students for life in the information society, which is constantly changing and developing dynamically.New knowledge in our society appear every day, constantly increasing need for the development of new skills.

key role in solving these problems belong to the communication and information technologies.In this regard, especially important is the process of informatization of the education system and secondary, and higher education.

Interactive forms of training are designed to provide new opportunities for the implementation of educational tasks that determine the prospects for the development of education.

pressing question today ratio of printing and electronic educational editions.The book is certainly convenient and absolutely irreplaceable.However, the learning process requires the development of not only theoretical information, but also included in the practical elements of a class in different

forms.The book is in this respect not capable of transmitting action.

therefore needed access to a more dynamic level of education.Such dynamics in the learning process can provide a computer technology.Even the videos are not of the nature of interactivity.Therefore, the benefits of electronic resources in this respect is obvious.

Books, audio and video resources describe the world as a symbolic and abstract reality.Electronic resources are able to represent the world in the form of virtual reality that it is possible to explore.Thus, interactive forms of education are helping to blur the line between pure information and this practicum.

use interactive forms of learning in high school and at school.Therefore, teachers and lecturers becomes relevant literacy and competence in the field of information-communicative.This means that teachers need to be able to find relevant information and educational materials on the Internet, process and structure them in accordance with the set of educational objectives, as well as to improve the group teamwork.

start creative work, which will help to explore the interactive forms of training, it should be with the Russian Educational Portal.This is the first step that can help understand the vast amount of available information and resources on the Internet.On the portal you can find the latest information on various subjects of study and the organization of extracurricular activities.

lessons using interactive forms of education significantly increase students' interest in studying at the subject, allow them to participate in the creative process and observe with their own eyes the results of their own work.

Interactive teaching methods in school well help to diversify classes.Particularly effective are the lessons with the use of computer technology.They are highly relevant to foreign language lessons.Computer helps to listen to the live speech of native speakers that spurs interest in listening to and understanding of information, because all educational stories based on real events and traditions of the country, in the language which the characters speak.

structure combined lesson lets take on computer technology for about 10% of the time, combining them with the front working methods.

can use information technology to demonstrate the CD, video sequences, tasks in real time.In addition, the computer is very useful for performing individual tasks (tests, dictations, find answers to questions).To prepare for this tutorial uses different programs and sources.The huge opportunities in this regard, the Internet provides.