People are constantly carrying out the sale and exchange of goods between them.The most important properties of the product are its consumer and exchange value.That is how this or that product is useful to man, and whether he can become the equivalent exchange between people who are in the ownership of the goods.

dwell briefly on the main common characteristics of the goods:

1.Physical product properties (mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical).Weight, size, mass, density and other parameters important to know when excluding food.For example, the category of eggs depends on the absolute weight.Selected egg is larger than 60 g, and those who belong to category 2, shall be not less than '44

The construction materials are in keeping linear meters, tonnes, determined by the area and diameter of the product.Thermal stability necessary utensils for cooking at home, and the heat resistance is taken into account in the production of industrial processes.If you select cameras and camcorders take into acc

ount their optical characteristics.

2. Chemical properties (moisture resistance or solubility in water and other liquids).From the chemical composition of the products depends on their value.When the cluster to which even small amounts of heavy metals and other detrimental impurities they can be a source of poisoning of humans and animals.And with a lack of mineral elements in foods interfere with the normal processes in the body.Observe the chemical properties of the product is necessary when cleaning the fur, wool and leather items, so as not to spoil their appearance.

Properties such as flexibility, hardness and strength are important for biscuits, refined sugar, pasta.

3. Biological properties determine how much product is resistant to microorganisms, rodents and insects.To do this properly store items, follow the packaging and correctly select the packaging material, and take into account the conditions of storage.For example, flour rapidly deteriorate in a humid room at a high temperature can crack furniture lose luster.

4. Physical and chemical properties of the goods, it is important to take into account when baking.After all, with a high temperature of 250 degrees and above are irreversible processes in fats, they are destroyed, and the proteins fold.For example, permeability and absorbency captured in the manufacture of filters for water, and vacuum cleaners, the choice of shoes and clothing.

Consumer Product Attributes show how useful it is when you use it.They can also be divided and describe in more detail, consider the example of non-food and food products.Anthropometric and physiological characteristics are evident in the size range of clothing, hats, shoes around the world for children and adults adapted for athletes and people with disabilities.

important to consider the health indicators, as clothing, furniture, skin care for a young child has special features.Aesthetic taste, color perception, psychological factors and a person's nationality also affect the selection of products for their own consumption.

Whereas consumer properties of food products, should pay attention to their environmental performance and safety in use.Be sure to take into account the shelf life, to store food and prepare them food.

acquainted with the properties of any product can be on the specification.On many of them, a detailed specification of goods, indicating its name, price, unit, grade or size, it is made by a guest or not.

Specification is a document that is applied to the supply agreement and signed by both parties: the buyer and seller.In this document, agree on the price of goods, stipulate the terms of delivery, timing, tolerances regrading, requirements for packaging and graphics wholesale supply.