Subject and object of sociology as a science.

Nowadays sociology is gaining wide acceptance and take its rightful place among the sciences.It studies the society in general and human beings in particular, and also analyzes the many points of contact between them.Sociology allows you to explore those aspects that we often ignore, makes it possible to understand the structure of human society, to understand the feelings that govern our behavior, and become aware of how our society is formed.In other words, sociology gives us a certain consciousness that helps us understand the social forces that constrain or release us, clarifying aspects of our life and opening to us the social world.

The difficulty in determining the sociology as a science was caused by the fact that all the manifestations of a huge number of social scientists have tried to artificially lead to something one, merge, and it is in principle impossible.

"social" - is the most important category of sociology.It occurs in the process of interaction between people and includes a who

le variety of relationships and connections that make up society.The main attention is directed to the person of sociologists because it is an active subject of social relations.

Because of the ambiguity of the definition of sociology as a science leads to its multi-layered structure and is structured for various reasons:

- As the object of study: macrosociology, microsociology and Sociology average.

- The level of acquired knowledge: theoretical and empirical.

- According to the aims and objectives of sociological research: fundamental and applied.

Consider that includes the subject and object of sociology.

as the object of a particular science due to the scope of acts of subjective or objective world.The object of science is that it studies, sociology - society.Specific subject and object of sociology allows us to consider it as a science.

subject and object of sociology is quite specific, as directed on the study of society in the whole variety of social characteristics, relations and connections.Expressive and social media as a speaker classes, groups and individuals.

Therefore, social relations, interaction, communication, and methods of their organization, it is the object of sociology as a science.

As a result the subject of science in favor of theoretical study.The subject of sociology as a science can not be defined uniquely, as a result of research activities.His understanding for the history of sociology changed.Different schools and different understandings of the subject of sociology as a science, since it is closely intertwined with research activities.

as the object of science in favor of the reality reflected and studied a particular science.These include: the general public;community, including the workers, entrepreneurs and farmers;macrogroups consisting of urban, working settlements and industrial associations;and micro-groups, which are groups of people, families.Accordingly, the object of sociology as a science - a social phenomenon and the society as a whole, their development and functioning.Then the subject of sociology - is a conceptual diagram of reality where its main elements and features integrated into the system and follow logically from each other.

subject and object of sociology studies society as a whole, focusing on its parts, areas, items such as household and labor relations, social institutions of education and politics, and analyzes them in the social aspect, seeing them through the human consciousness and perception.