What is the relationship of pedagogy with other sciences

Nothing in the world does not exist apart.Everything in this world is interconnected, and the relationship of pedagogy with other sciences is obvious.Continuously developing and improving, education science incorporates the best of allied exercises and gratuitously gave something without which they could not do.This concludes lyrical introduction and move on to the subject matter.

Revealing the relationship of pedagogy with other sciences, it should be noted is the long and close collaboration with its philosophy.Methodological function of pedagogy is directly connected with it.All the facts and phenomena., Which is based pedagogy with the vision depends on what philosophical views similar scholar-teachers.It is important supporter of the materialist or idealist position, dialectical or existential currents is a researcher because pedagogic science forms the world of man, leaning philosophical ideas.

Next, the relationship of pedagogy with other sciences should be considered through the psychologic

al science.You can not educate a person, much less something to teach it without a thorough study of the characteristics and properties of its mental nature.Because it affects the interests and needs of the person, which is the main object of activity of the teacher.Using the results of psycho-diagnostics in the development of scientific studies of different educational concepts, teaching at the same time makes it possible to clarify psychology itself and develop a technique of mental development.

very close relationship of pedagogy with other sciences is reflected in her relationship with biology.One of the basic principles of pedagogy is the idea prirodosoobraznosti training and education.It is based on the biological data pedagogy develops individualization and differentiation of the educational process.

also link pedagogy with other sciences is seen in its relationship to anthropology, which states that a person is multifaceted and multidimensional.Based on a common anthropological measurements, scientists, teachers are developing integrated approaches in the education and upbringing of the individual.

Revealing the relationship of pedagogy with other sciences, can not be avoided, and medicine.At the core of correctional pedagogy lie just medical observation.Thanks to them, this branch of pedagogical science today exists and operates successfully, enabling a full life in society, those people who have recently felt marginalized.

Pedagogy can not interact with economics.The result of close development is the industry called the economy and education serving the efficient use of material resources for the benefit of the development of science teaching.

special place among Allied Sciences takes sociology, which is the basis of social pedagogy studies the problems of education in different social groups.

can not do without pedagogy and political science.Ideologies of various parties, one way or another have an impact on the concepts that are changing in popularity as the change of political ideas.

So, summarizing the above, it should be noted that at all closely pedagogy with other sciences, dominate in this respect, philosophy, anthropology and psychology.And, of course, it occupies a considerable place today, the relationship of science teaching information technology.Tomorrow pedagogy is inconceivable without science, because modern pedagogy - one of the main elements of the culture of a civilized society.