How to cook the cheese cakes from cottage cheese in the pan?

How to prepare curd cheese cakes in the pan?The recipes are very different.Many of us fell in love with this dish since childhood.When you yourself can cook what you prefer, before you have a wide choice.In this dish, you can add your favorite dried fruits and berries, breading or flour.Many housewives successfully solve the problem of how to cook cheesecakes cottage cheese in a pan without adding eggs.They can be baked in the oven and cook for a couple.Let's look at some of the most popular recipes.

How to cook cheesecakes cottage cheese in a pan add

Does this dish meal?The controversial question.In the classic version is present.Also, with the addition of flour prepared from curd cheese cakes from Vysotsky.It took six or seven tablespoons and a little more for breading.This will be enough for half a kilo of cheese average fat content.Also need one egg, a little soda, sugar and salt to taste.So, how to make cheese cakes from cottage cheese in the pan?Mix cottage cheese with egg.You can rub it thr

ough a sieve for a uniform or use a blender.Egg can beat first separately for greater splendor.Add in the flour and the resulting mass is kneaded.If you see that the dough has reached the desired density after adding fewer meal, you do not need to put the remainder.The resulting curd sausage dough is rolled out and divide into small pieces the same.Collapses each in flour and gave him a little flattened shape.You can put each pattern on the surface of the cheesecake with a fork or bars.Red-hot vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry until golden-brown crust.Curd cheesecakes can be taken for both home and shop.Of the more fat are more tender product.The disadvantage is that they keep their shape worse and may require adding more flour.If you do not want to put the egg into the dough, you can not do just a little bit to change the aspect ratio.On a quarter kilo of cheese you need to take four tablespoons of flour and at least two tablespoons of sugar (it can be replaced vanilla).The most delicious sauce for cheesecakes - is, of course, fresh fat sour cream.But you can prepare the caramel sauce with sugar and cream.Or submit to the cheesecakes jam, jam, jam or peanut butter if you wish.As a breading may be used, such as oatmeal or cornflakes.Option with low-fat cottage cheese, oatmeal and sugar cane suitable for diets.In this case, a half kilograms of cheese should take two eggs (to reduce their fat content can be replaced by three proteins).

Orange and coconut curd cheese pancakes: recipe

Photos show that the surface of these products may be different in color.It depends primarily on the degree of roasting.But you can add extra ingredients cheesecakes, if you want to give them a special color.For example, take the zest of one orange and two medium carrots, three tablespoons of honey and flour, baking powder, vanilla, salt, five tablespoons of sugar and the same amount of semolina, egg and two hundred and fifty grams of cheese.Grate the carrots on a fine grater itself.Prepare the dough from cottage cheese, eggs, honey and baking powder.Add to peel and carrots.The dough should cling easily.Form cheesecakes and fry.Serve with condensed milk.To make the coconut cheesecake, a classic recipe replace two tablespoons of flour coconut.