Cosmetics Black Caviar

What are cosmetics on the basis of black caviar?What is the history of its occurrence?What properties it has and why it is chosen by many men and women who want to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of their skin.

Cosmetics based on caviar, how long ago it appeared?Her story began in 1964.It was at this time one of the traveler, Ingrid Millet noticed a surprising fact.As she watched the work of the women who work in places where caviar is processed.Her attention was drawn to the hands of these women.Skin them look young and fresh.She was much younger than the skin on the faces of the toilers.

What explains such a feature?The fact is that their hands are constantly in contact with the caviar, which has anti-aging properties.On the basis of this observation was organized research aimed at studying the properties of black caviar.

Today in Russia you can buy high-quality Israeli cosmetics Mon Platin, made on the basis of black caviar.There is a whole line of cosmetics known as Black Caviar Collectio

n Each product of this cosmetic line belongs to the luxury products and has a high cost.

excellent results that can be achieved using these cosmetics justifies any costs related to its acquisition.Which series can be distinguished from a collection of cosmetics made on the basis of black caviar?Here are some of them:

  • collection of cosmetics for face care.One of the unique product - a moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream.Anti-aging properties of the cream due to the high concentration of which is in its natural extract of black caviar.After its use, the skin gets its firmness and elasticity.
  • Another series - cosmetics for hair.In this series, there are shampoos that help restore hair health and enrich their black caviar extract.And for an intensive hair treatment, special hair mask to help restore the health of colored and damaged hair.
  • Another focus is a series of products based on caviar, designed for gentle body care.Among the products offered present a therapeutic body yogurt, various peelings and nectars.