When can I guess?

Guessing - a magical ritual designed to provide answers to questions about what awaits us in the future.The results to be valid, you must observe a number of rules and conditions.For example, practitioners resort to conjectural only at certain times.

Try to understand, when you can guess, and what time is best not to ask questions of the universe.

Cartomancy.Basic rules

believed that Monday - the day for divination is not the best.So it makes deceptive moon.It shone protects poets and lovers, but soothsayers and magicians are not honored.

Guessing on love and relationships is best in women's days - Wednesday and Friday.When asked about the financial affairs of the card most readily meet Tuesday or Thursday.Saturday is suitable for predictions of the overall plan.

Guessing on a Sunday it is impossible, however, as well as all other holy days.

not suitable for card divination cloudy days, in which the sky is overcast.

Accordingly, the lunar calendar, the easiest person to interact with the subt

le worlds in the 12th, 14th and 19th day.It was at this time exacerbated by our intuition, the ability to perceive and process information.

Getting divination, do not forget that the more clearly worded your question, the better the response.The time period for which card distributed predictions is small.

traditionally auspicious day for any divination considered equinoxes and solstices, as well as all the Christmas time period.

What will the future bring in store?

As you know, in order to spread out the cards you need more time to choose the right.But there are rituals for daily use: simple divination on paper, bones, coins.Resort to their assistance at any time to find out how the rest of the day ahead.

If you are so far only learned the basics of divination, you will approach a simple ritual.For him, only need a needle and a piece of paper.Predictions can prepare in advance and then to use the same pattern all the time.

Cut a square of poster board in two columns we write on it the predictions:
squabble dispute
lucrative offer
financial damage
the attention of the authorities
friendly support
empty troubles
oldeach meet

total of 14 phrases, but you can extend the list on your own.Now close your eyes and randomly poke a needle into the list.What prediction will fall, and that you expect for the coming day.

Note that the more you resort to such divination, the more likely will be the prediction.When it is possible to guess in this way?Every day, at any time.However, do not forget to retire and focus on the subject.

Guessing an appeal to the spirits requires a specific answer to this question.Take an opaque container and 12 pieces of paper.Write on six of them "yes" and six "no".Then roll each in turn, and lower in the vessel, uttering the name of the perfume: Anael, Michael, Gabriel, Sabul, Cheret, Hat, Avanabil, Fatah, Tabasis, Bergen, Lukabis, Saidis.Shake the jar, cover it with his left hand and say the spell: "Twelve spirits - demons (again list the full list), answer me three questions, so do not laugh, and open the truth."
not ask questions entangled and do not repeat, even if you are not satisfied with the answer.When can I guess?At any time when there is a serious problem.Disturbing the spirits of all sorts of little things not worth it.

Guessing "weaving" on the accuracy of the information content, and does not pretend, but this is a good way to kill time, if nothing else to do.Write on a piece of paper the name and name of the person, the attitude is going to find out.At the bottom put a number from one to one hundred and date.All of this is located in a kind of matrix.Zeros should not be written.
striking out the same numbers and those who give in adding an amount equal to 10.
by the number of remaining digits will find relevant to you on who guess.

1 * 10 * 19 - loves,
2 * 11 * 20 - suspected of treason,
3 * 12 * 21 - indifferent,
4 * 13 * 22 - like,
5 * 14 * 23 - attends,
6 * 15 * 24 - (s) he is not interested in you,
7 * 16 * 25, - will be together soon,
8 * 17 * 26 - his (her) to you pulls,
9 * 18 * 27 - at your couplehas a future.

course, like fortune-telling seriously taking stupid they are more for fun and leisure.When it is possible to guess on paper?At any time, as soon as it becomes boring.