Word of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead

notion. What will be the new world after the general resurrection
can be gleaned from the word resurrection.Some argue,
that the resurrected and renewed world will be completely different, completely different and become our
body in an era of universal resurrection.I would like to make an important note.All the same,
what happens?If the world is re-created, then what kind of resurrection
Savior tells us himself?If all of the old and the whole creation shall disappear
affected by sin, then where is hidden vnem divine foundation
original idea?

If we, as the old and old people should completely disappear
why should we resurrection?Then we just talk about the re-creation,
novotvorenii about anything not previously before.But we understand the resurrection
otherwise.By the power of God will be resurrected people who had died!It was wicked, they do not
some righteous from the heavens!Not poluangely with a new genetic code, without earthly experience
only images we have with you, but
we, we unique.Another question like that from myself will represent our
resurrected by the God of the body?The body of Jesus gives us a very clear way.
resurrected Jesus, even with the wounds of the nails.And he was not resurrected with all
nine thousand wounds, because he was was oppressed in the face beyond recognition, his nose was broken
, body covered with furrows flagellation.These traces the stories we
apostles do not find, I make assumptions why.Indeed, it would probably
omrachitelno see the mutilated body of the risen Christ's suffering.Yes
any other beheaded martyr, sometimes burnt, sometimes trimmed
blades in the flesh to the bone, naturally I would not look at the holiday.
We know that everyone will be resurrected a flourishing age, though not
dostishli it into a reality that will be beautiful views of the extent to which they have earned their
of tribulations and exploits, and of course by the grace of God.Some
resurrection will get dark and
labels on their foreheads, expressing their fallen state.

Conversely, in the words of Scripture as the sun beamed righteous
in the kingdom of their Father. "

So the resurrected Jesus is beautiful, but not so much that we could not see
his head injuries, the main evidence of his mission this
God for our salvation.It turns out that even after the resurrection from the dead, the Lord Jesus
sacrifices in order to strengthen our faith, his resurrection
perfect beauty, pristine perfect body God-man in order to strengthen their faith
paostola Thomas, and Thomas, and through all of us in all ages.So there are laws that determine how
be resurrected body, and with the causes of this type are found in a previous life
party resurrection.Perhaps the suffering Christ is so important
that became part of his eternal personality.Without them, it is not the one who has to come
.Without them, it is ideal, but the ideal is no past, no earthly prologue in which
the whole meaning of his incarnation.And that should fill us with faith in your way, because that is important
and our lives, and our suffering will be a part of us in eternity.We do not
celluloid dolls from the glamorous boutique.Our wounds and experience are important, it is part of us
ourselves, our unique mission.Not all wounds will be to show our friends
, but the main ones.Jesus Thomas learns only on such a major injuries!Not
natural features of the face, no voice, no individual subject of psychic energy
indicates a return to the real world that Christ Himself, namely
wounds from recent godparents suffering.The terrible experience of Jesus gives him the right to return
forever be a constant companion of people.By His stripes we are healed by His stripes
learn it.

It turns out that the former world was created by God not to
fire, but as a basis for the future.And the man resurrected see a new earth and
new e sky, but friends, for there is fullness of joy to meet their loved ones
resurrected not know them, do not know the risen Jesus, even though he has
right to change and unrecognizable, but
he does not crossa kind of hell, hell of an anthropomorphic, historic world.

But this resurrection is the promise of the return to Eden,
promise that the world, in the divinity of which we believe will be established in pristine
changing imperishable beauty, which is already used to be

And how infinitely important wounds of Jesus

How beautiful they are a kind of spiritual, cosmological beauty!
as certain orders, as signs of power as wordless appeal to us, the audience for the feat
follow his mission, to his vocation.And what a miracle!Wounds Gvozdin,
rib perforation ... what kills, what humiliated and breaks taken by
humility, alloys with the personality of the God-Man in an indivisible whole in the United
divine mystery of salvation.As if through these holes open sources of eternal energy vosreschayuschie
old world, filled with a new sense of the familiar
form.In the first of the resurrected Christ was resurrected the old humanity,
dilapidated, corruptible, mortal, he raised up, giving us faith, hope and love.And love
blooms only fully enclosed hard wall of faith, inspired and liberated
its manifestations in an atmosphere of hope.

What will the world of Transfiguration?One of the most
great suffering for me on earth has the time dependence.Whatever fine
state is not reached me, no matter how lovely quiet evening, after heavy
soul and body work is not advancing, sunsets in the summer and other beautiful parts
days are always replaced completely different, black days of anxiety and anguish.Deep
our subconscious dream has always been to stop a moment, stay with those who love us
this patch under the palm trees.

I remember wasting disease, tortured many days of pain,
stretched fateful days of waiting for change.As expectations have collapsed, died
loved ones, taking the opportunity to rejoice together for all the gifts of life,
leaving you alone at the holiday table, and one that's not so,
or together with a close friend.

And after all this time we have a loss in faith in
resurrection at the return to us of our loved ones crucified in the return light
warm summer days the Lord.And let's not here, but when something is this island
love Gorna where together sleeping cat and mouse.Where slaves do not hear screams
mushers.Where to contact our loved ones as you like, the main thing that ever.

And I think if I see only one close person
risen and coming to me as rejoice!And then we will see not one, but all of our cute
dear people who wished to be with the Lord forever.

Probably not all, still it is their choice, their fate earth
determine in the future kingdom.I'm here with my church spoke little, talked a little
in life.all busy saving his and deeds.And there and enjoy,
time there will be, how many you want, so much talk, probably as much as you want
.And there shall dwell in love.Melt and float motionless.

Here I remember the image of a motionless love of his youth.
When I was twenty years old, I was visiting a girlfriend.And it is long
not, then it will come, such as smiling to himself, he comes to the kitchen, which makes it
towards dinner.Clean, cook, and all the time I just look at her
.We are your feelings does not manifest.But running a spark, I'm starting to melt
, she blushes over their plates, from which we are well, I understand that just happy it is
together.It was one of the happiest days of my life, although I
just silent, gave no flowers, no hugging her, nothing!It was just something
wonderful, but it was when we were there.And so sometimes she secretly somehow
will look like this in my direction, and I understand that she is happy.And she said,
that deliberately turns away, that would not have seen her silly happy face.