Windows 7 - Modern Operating System

Windows 7 - an operating system that is designed and delivered by Microsoft.It is a continuation and development of Windows Vista, but devoid of its weaknesses.Through the use of new technologies and accounting of claims to the previous version based on the reviews, it has been dramatically improved.

The fact that its completion was very effective, says the high popularity from the moment of its recent appearance.With each passing day the number of those wishing to buy windows 7 increases.Several years have passed since its inception, after Windows Vista.During this time, it increased the power of computer processors, amount of memory, increased characteristics, however, compared with the previous system, they have not increased in Microsoft Windows 7. Therefore, it is possible that this operating system will soon become the basis for a portable computer type, especially for netbooks.It consumes significantly less power and runs much longest in contrast to its predecessor.

The new operating system

includes the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 12, and many other innovations.If windows 7 home buy, you can make sure how easy it became to use this panel.Firstly, it is now no longer necessary in the Quick Launch, because all the necessary applications or files can be attached to the taskbar.With the help of the thumbnails have the ability to perform actions with each specific application.

In addition, there were the so-called Jump Lists, by which greatly increases the speed of the frequently used documents and files that you can turn to.The taskbar is possible to swap the application buttons and elements as desired.If your application has multiple windows, it is recognized as a multi-layer icon.

If necessary, you can buy windows 7 professional, is one of the versions of Windows 7, which is very useful in the application of IT-specialists and business users, as it includes functions such as network backup automatic backup, offlinefolders, the ability to search available printers, the ability to access, when not connected to a network, network files, and many others.

If buy windows 7 ultimate, you can get such unique features like free viewing of TV programs in any place and at a convenient time, to create a home network and to exchange videos, photos and music.Furthermore, it functions with the help of added significantly more flexibility in operation in several languages, as well as security.

wishes to have excellent opportunities for entertainment and as share photos, videos, music, creating a home network, record the image on the screen, followed by viewing at a convenient time, pause and rewind the video to the desired event can buy windows 7 premium.

Besides all this, the operating system has a number of useful features such as a very efficient work with windows, a home network, Desktop, can automatically change after a specified period of time (from 10 seconds to 1 day), change the background image and a number of others.

Currently, in a relatively short period of Windows 7 operating system has already received many positive reviews as the best of the hitherto existing systems.