What is the utility

We are often faced with some new concepts for themselves by computer, and we may be interested in the question, for example, that such a utility.But as you know, everything has an explanation and purpose.Utilities are specialized programs that are designed to optimize the operation and maintenance of the system, ie, this program assistants, taking over the tasks with which the operating system is unable to cope on their own.Most of these products focused on maintenance of the file system, and disk drives.The objective of some utilities is archiving data, well, a special anti-virus software designed to protect your computer from a variety of viruses.

Utilities for Windows is a necessary component for programmers of all levels, applied first.Initially, the concept was accepted to be identified with a small program that is simple enough.However, at this point in their complexity and size, they can even surpass some office suites.However, they can do a lot more operations than before.It is said that at th

e moment many utilities can be found on the shelves of computer stores, where they are offered as a major commercial packages provided in the shops in a beautiful box.But most of them represented as shareware products can be found in the vast network in the public domain.

So, if so, what tools we have tried to find out, it's time to determine what they need.They have a very diverse purposes.These program assistants undertake a variety of tasks, which are mentioned above.With tools you can encrypt the file personal data by encoding different degrees of complexity, as well as to establish the most secure password to restrict access to certain files.This is a very important aspect of ensuring the protection of private information from interference, theft or damage.

most often subjected to attacks of files, certificates, passwords, codes, media, have a particular value, postal, licensed software, configure the operating system.System utilities assume the task of monitoring the performance of computer services, for example, processor, video cards, card readers and drives, and physical RAM and others.In addition, they regularly conduct tests of peripheral and embedded devices, signaling any detected faults, and they are requirements for replacing or upgrading the software of the components, for example, print cartridge.Speaking further about what the utility, it should be noted that they recover files that have been lost, inadvertently deleted.If necessary, these programs are able to remove the file from the computer permanently.

There is this kind of tools, called tweakers, their purpose is to implement fine-tune the settings of your operating system.They are designed for different tasks, for example, restructuring interface for any individual user requests, the optimization of the entire system.Of course, not ruled out the existence of "bad" utilities that can cause harm to your computer.These developments include worms, designers, joke programs, which may give the user the false information in the computer, and others.

So, now you have to clearly understand what the tools and how they affect the activities of the entire computer.