How to clean your own laptop

know that is a pretty significant sources of income for service centers operating in laptops and other computer equipment?Replacement parts that contain a manufacturing defect?Not at all!We find the warranty card on your laptop, yes, the one where you got married when you buy, not even particularly in terms of getting a grasp.It says that the warranty does not cover electronic components, if it is fixed inside the housing ingress of dust, insects and other foreign objects.In other words, if the inside of the laptop zapolzet cockroach and there is something closes, it will have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket.But insects - it's not so bad, is much more frequent guest in our computers - it is omnipresent dust.Where do without it ?!

It is so shallow that easily penetrates through the slit housing, which because of the working of the fan blowing on a vacuum, the retractor surrounding dust and air.If, during the warranty period, the laptop will no longer operate normally due to hardware failu

re, the Service Center may refuse to repair, referring to the thick layer of dust covering the components.It could be as lucky with the master and the service center (SC).That's why forward-users periodically bring your electronic companion in SO clean laptop, paying job.After all, cleaning is cheaper than possible replacement components.So, computer manufacturers recognize the degree of influence of dust on the components, once separately prescribed it in the warranty sheet.

started to search the web warranty information, you can see a lot of the "How to clean a laptop."Indeed, if the warranty period is over, why not perform an audit?The first, and easiest answer to the question, how to clean a laptop - is to visit the SC.In this case, you can be sure that the work will be done by experts.That's just what happens when the hard drive is the family archive explicit pictures that could see the curious employees SC?Any valuable information can be stolen.How to clean a laptop in this case?The only correct answer - yourself.Agree, shame honestly earned money to pay for the minute work.How?Clean the laptop in less than five minutes.Independently make it advisable only after warranty period.Still, the failure of the seal-sticker completely deprives the guarantee.Next, we show you how to clean a laptop cooler.

first need to disassemble the laptop.This is no big deal, because most manufacturers, understanding the existing problem, simplify the implementation of such prudent cleaning.Typically, access to the radiators, that this dust collecting enough removing the bottom cover.Turning off the battery from the laptop.One of the caps on the bottom side is screwed a few screws, they must be unscrewed.Then gently to hook it to remove the extra-latch locks.Here you can see part of the motherboard and cooling system: heat pipe and heat sink, fan cooled.One of the problems caused by their compact notebooks, so a small heat sink very quickly clogged with dust and debris, ceasing to perform its functions.Remove the three small screws, remove the fan.This makes it easy to clean the radiator.Usually the gaps between his ribs completely clogged.Thin brush to clean off the dust layer by layer, then purged.Do not be amiss to a piece of cotton to clean debris from adhering fan blades.Installation is in the reverse order: the fan cover, battery.