How to turn bluetooth on the laptop.

Despite the fact that every day portable equipment for consumers around the world is becoming more and more, not all users know how to turn on bluetooth on the laptop, and even if it is embedded in the laptop.This article tells readers how to determine if their notebook bluetooth and how to activate it, if it for some reason refuses to work properly.

wireless communications technology called «Bluetooth» in the last few years, is at the height of his fame.Communicators, mobile phones and smart phones running a variety of operating systems almost always have in their arsenal built in bluetooth module.It is not surprising that with the development of portable devices, this technology is more common in laptops and netbooks.But sometimes it turns out that enable bluetooth on the laptop is not so simple.Let's consider the most common problems faced by owners of these devices.

To begin, make sure that the purchase of notebook truly integrated bluetooth module.Indeed, sometimes careless or not very hones

t sellers with certainty say that the "blue tooth" (so you can literally translate the name of this technology to the English language) is built into a laptop computer, but in fact it is not simply in the laptop.Sometimes it is also due to the fact that the manufacturer of the device supplies its products with all the necessary software is not at the same time embedding the module itself.This is done in the hope that, if necessary, the user installs the laptop plug-in and will be able to use it immediately, without having to install additional drivers and programs.

Before you turn on bluetooth on the laptop, make sure that he really has in the device.It's simple - you need to look at the bottom of the laptop.If the device is installed in a notebook, as a rule, in this area draws a manufacturer logo blyutuza confirming the existence of the required module in the device.This label is required for licensing of built-in and is almost always a guarantee of his presence in the laptop.If this label is absent, to complete the work blyutuza will acquire relevant external adapter.

If you are sure that the device is present in the laptop, let's move on to the question of how to enable bluetooth on the laptop.In most cases, this is done using the same button, which launches the module Wi-Fi.Find it very simple - this button is almost always depicted antenna.Moreover, this key can be located in a number of functional («F1», «F2» and so on, additional functions through the touch of a button while «Fn») and output to a separate button on the notebook chassis.

But how to turn bluetooth on the laptop, if after pressing the corresponding button, nothing happens?To begin, make sure that the module has all the installed drivers.If they are on your hard drive laptop does not, you can try to download and install the necessary software directly from the manufacturer.Do not forget that in some models of laptops bluetooth enable only through a special program.After installation, you can find it in the tray - a small menu in the bottom right corner of the display (right next to the clock).But how to turn on bluetooth in a laptop if it is not installed?Again, visit the official website of the manufacturer and download to your notebook model all the necessary software.

Now that you know how to turn on bluetooth on the laptop, it's time to try to connect it to a mobile phone or bluetooth headset (it can operate in a headphone and microphone) and check the efficiency of the device.