The main difference between a netbook from the laptop .A small comparison of laptops : the pros and cons of each type of device

Every day, the world of portable electronics become better and come to market new models of compact PCs.Many buyers pay attention that the Internet and specialty stores increasingly draw the line that separates the laptops into two broad categories - laptops and netbooks.But not all users know what is the main difference between a netbook from the laptop.This article tells about the features of these laptops and the reader will open their main purpose.

Before you start listing the main differences between a netbook from the laptop, let's briefly look at the history of portable computers.Notebooks (in the west they are often called laptops) appeared much earlier netbooks.In fact, they were to become a full-fledged replacement for a stationary PC, but with the difference that the notebook is easy to move to another location, and even during this movement, it could be included due to the stand-alone power supply.

Over time, laptops were divided into several groups, in many ways, depending on their des

tination.Even today, laptops can be divided into low cost model, office, gaming, high-performance, and so on.Some laptops are able to completely replace the bulky, stationary PCs, and some seem to be made in order to use them only in the way.With the development of technologies and ever deeper integration of the Internet in the life of every progressive person there is a need to provide a compact portable PC, with which it would be possible to solve the problem of access to the network and office applications from virtually anywhere.That's how the light and appeared younger brothers laptops - netbooks.

The main difference between a netbook from a laptop is its scope.The netbook is a compact device for accessing simple (mainly office) applications and the Internet, while the laptop can completely replace the desktop computer and solve a wide range of tasks set by the user.

There are a number of features that can be easily distinguished from the laptop netbook.Firstly, this size.If laptops with screen sizes less than fifteen inches in our time on the market are extremely rare, the netbook, this figure does not exceed ten to twelve inches.Pros netbooks are compact in size and weight less than two kilograms.At the same time, more bulky and heavy laptop users will enjoy a high-quality display with a much larger diagonal.

Due to the difference in size, there is another fundamental difference between a netbook from the laptop.In more overall laptops can easily host more powerful "stuffing."Therefore, laptops are much more productive than their compact brothers who are forced to be content with simple and small in size processors that do not require bulky cooling systems.For the same reason, all netbooks lack of drives to read and write CD / DVD - they simply have no place in a small package baby.But this is unlike a netbook from a laptop leads to one more significant difference.Because of the powerful "iron", as well as the availability of the cooling system, DVD-drive and a large display on a single battery charge laptop can hold no more than two or two and a half hours.At the same time a netbook battery will last for eight to ten hours.

Before buying a laptop should be noted that the difference in cost between a laptop and a netbook is quite significant.If the humble netbook to work with office programs and Internet surfing can be purchased for two hundred dollars with a small, even a budget notebook hardly will cost less than four hundred dollars.Do not forget that a netbook and a laptop, the differences between them are quite significant, designed for completely different purposes.It is enough to clearly articulate why you need a laptop computer, as the decision of what to choose, would be obvious.