How to restore the system in a few minutes

recover your computer system - a process that will return the performance of your PC, remove glitches and keep the necessary information.In this article we look at how to do a system restore, what are the options for restoring your operating system and that need to be taken to in case of emergencies losses were minimal.

Before proceeding to the consideration of the recovery process, consider a few guidelines that must be met before a problem occurs.The computer operating system is usually on drive C. If you have problems (virus, system crash, unidentified errors, etc.) all the information on the C drive will be lost.

Even if your machine is physically only one hard disk - it is possible to virtually share it.Do it yourself or ask for help from a specialist.It is desirable to all important and necessary information stored on drive D. It is recommended that the C drive to make 50-70 GB, the rest - on the disk drive D. C will be running your programs and settings of these programs.The disk D - all the

other information.This approach will allow painless to do a system restore and retain all data.

now about how to do a system restore.There are several options for recovery - by regular means Windows, or using a special software.System Restore can restore a system in a few minutes from a previously created image.Let's look in more detail what to do and how.

How to restoring XP system by regular means:

Option 1. If Windows is unstable - make check of system files.When checking the corrupted or modified files will be replaced.To verify the integrity and performance do the following:

  • Go to the Start menu;
  • the inscription "Execute" and press it;
  • In the window, enter: sfc / scannow and click OK;
  • following the instructions of the system (you may need the installation disc WinXp).

Option 2: Start the system in safe mode.This download option is relevant if the system has been infected by viruses or Trojans, there was an unauthorized installation of spyware or adware.Safe Mode starts a minimum of driver and system components.After downloading, you can find and remove the infected files, restore the normal operation of the system.How to do it:

  • Reboot the computer;
  • During startup you will hear a short beep - just press F8;
  • Then boot options window appears where you need to select "Safe Mode";
  • Press ENTER;
  • In the resulting window, click Yes to continue loading the safe mode.

After logging in, make a system scan Antivirus that will find and remove the infection.

Option 3. You can try to boot the system by rolling back to the last known good configuration.How to do it: Download (restart) / F8 / boot menu select the "Last Known Good Configuration» / ENTER

Option 4. Use the installation disc, select "System Restore."* It is recommended for advanced users.

This option allows the system to write over the existing data from the installation disk.If all goes well - all files, programs and settings remain.It will take the same disk from which you installed the system.You may need an activation key / serial number of your copy of Windows.If not available - This recovery option is better not to use.If it is:

  • Insert the installation CD into the drive and start / restart the PC;
  • Press any key to start the installation from the disk;
  • When prompted press ENTER (button «R» do not need to press);
  • Pressing F8 agree to the license agreement;
  • We need to choose the "Restore the selected copy."Only now press

After installing the new file system will reboot.All.System Restore was held.

How to restore the system in minutes.

The simplest and perhaps the most reliable way to restore the system - to use special software.What is its charm: install the system, the programs, make all the necessary settings.After that, with the help of special programs (Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image) is the image of a logical drive with the system or a complete copy of your entire hard drive.Information (image) is saved to the HDD.If necessary, a few clicks and a few minutes of time the system will return the pristine purity, quickness and appeal.

Before you do a system restore, make sure that the necessary data or backup programs from drive C to drive D. kept only "deficiency" of the programs to recover - they are paid.However, for most of our users, this is not an obstacle - a little ingenuity and everything will fall into place.