How to learn fast typing on the keyboard

In today's world time is worth a lot more than a few decades ago.The development of information and digital technology has led to the advent of the computer, without which it is simply impossible to do today.Therefore, the question of how to learn fast typing on the keyboard is acute today as never before.In education, work, business - all need the speed.Not having certain skills, you will gain page dough for about an hour - this is totally unacceptable.Having learned fast printing, you will be able to do it for 5-10 minutes!The benefits are obvious.So how do you achieve such a speed?Below we describe the main methods of acquisition of the necessary skills.

desyatipaltsevym essence of the method of "blind printing┬╗

times when printed with two fingers, have sunk into oblivion.Recent developments allow the use of all fingers, which ensure the highest print speeds.The peculiarity of the method of "touch-typing" is that you do not even need to look at the keyboard!This is very helpful when typing with

a sheet: you just look at the source, print and the fingers incessantly.In addition, you do not need to be distracted by the search for the correct key.To learn fast typing, we just need the desire and a little perseverance.

Ever wonder why on keyboards, the keys with letters "A" and "O" is to perform?Are they to not looking at the keyboard, find the index finger the letters.The rest of the fingers (except large) are located on adjacent keys in order - is the starting position.The essence of the method is that each finger is responsible for pressing a few keys specific.This finger pressed the button always returns to its original position.Constant training and muscle memory is brought to automatism printing.

Today, several training options: you can learn from books, which is very long and inefficient, you can resort to a special website, or program, to teach this technique typing.

How to learn fast typing on the keyboard of a book?

Well, learn fast typing on the books is really real - yours truly he was a trained 20 years ago.It was a Soviet book of 1956, where I studied for typing typist.By the way, the Soviet school typing was considered the best in the world.Procured keyboard, I completely gave training.As a result, somewhere 2-3 months was able to achieve decent results - the speed was about three hundred characters per minute!Later, I met a great program that allowed to acquire these skills in just 10 days!

How quickly learn to type on a computer online?

Today, a sufficient number of sites offering online training for free high-speed printing.On the virtual keyboard displayed keys you have to press.The text you type unusual: sometimes it seems completely pointless.This is due to the fact that it is made by a special technique for better absorption of the information received.The disadvantage of such training is not sufficiently developed system of education: no detailed instructions and explanations - you just type in the text without looking at the keyboard.

How to learn fast typing on the keyboard using the program?

Today, a lot of programs for learning touch typing.One of the most effective, perhaps, "Solo on the keyboard", developed on the basis of the achievements of the Soviet school of typewriting. It is the program mentioned above - it allows you to learn touch typing in just 10 days!

You are invited to walk 100 lessons after which you will forget aboutproblems with the set of tests - will print quickly without looking at the keyboard, and without errors. Quick effect is achieved by multiple repetition of certain exercises: key for the key, row by row - you comprehend all the wisdom of high-speed printing blindly. The program monitors the number of errors,speed and uniformity of the set and, if necessary, takes you back to the previous lesson.

That's all. Let the question of how to learn fast typing on the keyboard will be for you irrelevant. A little bit of diligence and this useful skill submit to you. Good luck!