How to bake bread in the oven

Homemade fresh fragrant bread!Paradise pleasure, which, unfortunately, is not always possible to achieve due to lack of time and inability to cook grandmother's recipes.But do not worry, the question of how to bake bread in the oven, it may be a very simple answer.It is only important to follow some steps, on each of which we will write in detail in this article.

In the first step, you must choose the right flour.Usually, to bake bread in the oven, get the wheat or rye flour.If you want to surprise your family a white, porous, high bread, buy wheat white flour.Accordingly, wanting to bake rye bread, buy rye flour.Not knowing what to give preference to flour, follow these tips: buy wheat flour, for the first time the oven is made of rye flour complicated.Rye flour kneaded with difficulty, requiring great physical effort.

The next step is to be sure the flour sifted.Not so expensive to purchase a special screen which will cost you only a 50-100 rubles.Through screening, the flour is enriched with oxy

gen, which leads to a porous texture of bread.

any recipe of baking bread in the oven would not complicated, it is only necessary to add all the ingredients, including eggs, yeast, vegetable oil, spices, seasonings and herbs.And in the future, the questions of friends, how to bake bread in the oven and you need to do, you easily answer.

When all the ingredients are mixed, begin to knead the dough thoroughly.The process itself should take about 15 minutes.Of course, patience may not be enough, but the dough should be pliable, compliant, and resilient.May suspend for a while, and then continue.

Well knead the dough, you can have a rest, but before that you need to be sure to cover the dough with a towel and leave in a warm place for about two hours, it is up to 2-3 times.This point is important not to miss if you are using a yeast dough that is required for any baking stand for several hours.Plain bowl, secluded warm place next to the battery and a towel - all that is needed to raise the dough.

After two hours, you can start building the product.Use ready-made form or blind braid, your imagination is boundless.Create the desired masterpiece, you can safely put the dough on a baking sheet covered with cooking paper or flour.But do not just put it in the oven.The dough should rest for some time, half an hour will be enough.At this time, heat the oven to the desired temperature, about 250-300S would be sufficient.

Baking bread is desirable to put in the middle of the oven, it will be the best choice for baking.

during baking will not be superfluous to add steam to the ovens.This can be achieved by pouring a glass of water on an empty bottom pan, and immediately close the door.All this time, for 20 minutes, do not open the oven door, but in the end you can just reduce the heat to medium.

One should not blindly believe the time prescribed in the recipe as bake bread in the oven is not difficult, but it is important to monitor how much baking starts browning.On average, every bread baked for an hour, but is also important to consider the structure and density of the dough characteristics and ovens.

When the bread is ready, and just removed from the oven, brush it with milk or broken raw egg that will give a special rosy hue.20 minutes put the bread to stand, preferably covered with a damp towel to when cutting the bread does not crumble.If your guests find out about how to bake bread in the oven, so that it turned out so fragrant and delicious, you will be able to share this wonderful proven formula.Bon Appetit!