The Product Placement

Eating listed below the image information of a personal product is allowed as to win and much to get lost in the fight for the final consumer.You'll wonder how is allowed to stay in the loser if the relationship with the consumer still be realized?Overly intrusive and bothersome Product Placement "is able to execute your strategy cruel joke, by requesting the absolute seizure of potential customer to your product or service.

Today's consumer is not stupid, and interested prospects choice in the market any direction. And if the consumertell that he is obliged to buy and where it should go, it will awaken at least not understanding the question, "Why so straight if you think I'm so stupid?"

To your attention "Product Placement", this isnot fresh trend in advertising was used, and the good of Soviet motion pictures, but was defeated. For example, take a film of the famous film director Leonid Gaidai "Ivan Vasilievich".

Known frame?

Nenavyaschevy placement, Savings banks USSR.

Lettake to the attention of one of the most unfortunate, both - my judgment (and I'm trying at the moment to discuss how the average buyer), "Product Placement" in modern cinema.Exchanging glances given to the film, I had believed that I was not in the cinema is saturated with Christmas mood, but at home, look through prolonged publicity block, where I as a fool, impose all the positive qualities of the advertised product, only one did not have the remote in hand, toshift attention.God forgive me, the Russian prototype of such legends as: Timur Bekmambetov, the Wachowski brothers, but if spending on shooting the film "Irony of Fate - 2" was so great that almost the entire film took advertising partners, sponsors of the film ?!

Let's see by the human psychology of the goods and services "Product Placement".So, as the interest attached to that little carries a hidden meaning, if you wish.The implication is constantly aroused greater interest than just a naked body.Innuendo as a hint, and not as the popularization of something (the policy is not considered).

little about the history of "Product Placement".

a mistake to believe that the "Placement" was at its peak when the common images have lost their inefficiency and turned into so-called "movie".It existed, so to speak constantly, had only article publication or mention some tea this morning filed Elizabeth II, which today the emperor had dinner with the family, these places are instantly became legendary.Despite the fact that the articles were not paid, but the owners of trade marks could not miss the chance to explore this trend.

When the movie "conspiracy" and has adopted the bright colors in the form of color, then there is PR Shrugged and let nedokuchlivo outweigh the goods of wide consumption.This is promoting not only the culture of the people, and causing the desire to have the same habits as the stars on the screen: Auto, hair color, clothing, makeup, shoes, watches, food, and even the smoke that smokers in Westerns.And with such a large Product Placement, nobody attached no importance, for example, close-ups within a brand.Consumers still showed interest in the decorations that were on Marlene Dietrich in "Stage Fright" in 1950, or what hours Clark Gable wore in the movie - "It happened one night" in 1934.The largest growth of granted options was 80 - '90 of the twentieth century, when they were popular sitcoms, different family movie, TV series, which covered most maximum audience.

Product Placement any product was called to be a winning one, since without problems, is in the field of view of the right buyer.With all publications did not miss her, working mainly on the barter system with notable producers: we will interview the star - you give us Product Placement in the article.And everyone was happy!Naturally, more samples can lead from the US market because the European states to take their zealous successful experience of hidden advertising, they all pretty similar.I can not say the same about the former Soviet Union.

above noted film spoiled, unprofessional "Placement", our colleagues, "Dorval" to unlimited budget business 90 -. And let the full program them to act.If we talk about the Ukrainian civilization and culture "Product Placement", it is not yet fully formed, but attempts delayutsya.So well-known media company, realizes "Placement" brands of the Ukrainian market with own product: the show projects a reality - show.Unfortunately, experience has touched our northern neighbors.For example, it is not good "Placement", a brand of dry breakfast in one of the Ukrainian, rating reality - a show where participants, though of course eating it, you see, makes a mockery of.Another Ukrainian wisdom would be appropriate: "Shcho zanadto, it is not sensible!"

Dear colleagues, let's develop a culture of advertising Product Placement personally, building on our necessities.The way the product is applied in the commercial as withdrawn advertising in a particular state, says about her values, priorities and culture!