Perceptual aspect of communication: the psychological content

Perceptual aspect of communication implies that there must necessarily be a mutual understanding between the parties.It is an awareness of attitudes, motives and goals of its partner, as well as their acceptance and separation.Only in this case there is the perception of one person by another, and we can talk about the presence of interpersonal understanding.

Perceptual aspect of communication has the following functions:

  • forms the content of interpersonal perception;
  • promoting mutual understanding;
  • provides influence partners to communicate with each other.

All this is possible thanks to the "work" of specific mechanisms.These include the following.

  • First, attraction, empathy and identification that promote knowledge and understanding of each other's people.
  • Secondly, reflection, which helps self-knowledge in communication.
  • Third, causal attribution that will help predict the behavior in the communication process of each partner.

Perceptual aspect of communication must necessarily incl

ude the work of all these mechanisms.Let us dwell in more detail on their characteristics.

Identification - is the mechanism of knowledge of each other people when an opinion about the internal state of another person will be built on the basis of the attempt itself to put in place a partner.

Empathy implies emotional empathy to him.

Attraction or attraction is a form of knowledge of the interlocutor, which is based on the formation of stable positive feelings for him.

Perceptual aspect of communication will depend largely on how well developed the mechanisms that help to understand the other person.In addition, the need for reflection and causal attribution.

Reflection is a mechanism by which there is self-communicating.It is based on the ability to represent the way in which it is perceived as a partner.

causal attribution involves the interpretation of deeds and feelings of another person when there is an intention to find out the reasons for his behavior.

When studied perceptual aspect of communication scholars, the interesting patterns were identified:

  • reason for the success is attributed to people always imagine, but the failures - the circumstances or other people;
  • man who disapproves of his companion, the latter will always be characterized by more negative;
  • communication partner is usually perceived through the prism of "first impression" and his mistakes.

The last pattern in greater detail.

Usually when assessing a stranger fifty percent would be the opinion, and the rest of the fifty - wrong.This is due to three factors, which were highlighted when studied perceptual aspect of communication.Psychology of Human Rights states that it, regardless of experience, age and gender, will always influence:

  • Error superiority.A man who is superior to us for some parameters, we will always evaluate as more intelligent and talented.Otherwise, on the contrary.
  • error to us.A man who treats us kindly and with respect, always be attributed to the positive character traits.
  • Error appeal.A man who looks like us, or else on the individual qualities, will be perceived quite differently.He will be attributed to the quality of the person, even non-existent.

So, summing up said: perceptive aspect of communication - it is a necessary component of it.It should include:

  • self in the process of communication;
  • understanding and knowledge of the interlocutor;
  • predicting the behavior of their partner.