Mass consciousness: features and variations caused by his actions

mass consciousness (as a philosophical problem) showed in the late 19th century.Nietzsche wrote that in a crowd of a hundred people each, instead of their own gets some other consciousness.

When it comes to the mass of people, it does not refer to any class or caste.Class - a stable system, combined with some ideals and interests, common culture and (or) ideology.Massa did not meet any of these criteria.Although it makes some groups, but not a part of the society, because it has no stable cultural ties, no specific structure.At even more unstable form of the masses becomes the crowd.

Features mass consciousness

hypnotic influence of the crowd. Le Bon believed that the crowd formed a "collective soul" because the individual feelings and thoughts begin to take the same direction.This "collective soul" lives, of course, not for long, but quickly acquires certain peculiar to it (just now and here) features.A man in the crowd quickly amenable to hypnotic influence of the masses, losing their indivi


responsibility withdrawal. Moreover, the mass consciousness, increased thoughts and ideas of individual people starting to think the same way, back to the same individuals repeatedly reinforced.A man in the crowd capable of such actions, which would never allow himself to make alone.The crowd gives strength and takes the responsibility to give every individual to feel anonymous.

sacrifice for the sake of the crowd. In addition, making small part of the crowd, a man can commit such acts, which are generally alien to his nature, compromising their interests, sacrificing them to the collective.This is possible only when the individual action of a strong mass consciousness, the inspiration of which is difficult to resist.

Crowd characterized by extreme .Any idea or opinion to the crowd gathered mass of people can only take either entirely or as implicitly rejected.The mass consciousness does not recognize semitones.The individual mind is not so welcome that it was told by suggestion.And whether it's the absolute truth or absolute confusion - it does not matter.And then it does not matter what color are the feelings of the crowd - negative or positive.In any case, these feelings are one-sided and exaggerated, which is aggravated by the fact that a particular person is removed all responsibility.

Le Bon believes crowd does not want to know the truth , she turns away from the obvious things that she does not like, preferring the delusion that relished.Therefore, to control the crowd, do not try to reason with her, it is necessary to skillfully introduce it misleading.

mass consciousness and mass action

There are several forms of mass action.All of them are for the most part have a negative color, and stem from the state, which is currently the mass consciousness.It may be just a rumor or panic, mayhem, riot or mass hysteria.In any case, mass protest actions imply.It may take the following forms.

passive protest:

  • outdoor (direct actions aimed at any insubordination, failure to comply with orders, etc.);
  • hidden (various conspiracy, incitement to an apparent resistance, putting up flyers, ignoring the work).

active protest:

  • outdoor (all meetings, demonstrations, rallies, strikes);
  • hidden (preparation of military actions, terrorist acts, etc.).

mass consciousness is of interest to many, especially in the power structures, in terms of finding the most perfect way to manage it.However, now with this successfully addressed the media.But they are losing out to the mass public opinion polls, which are unlikely to truly reflect it.Rather, successfully influence the mass consciousness of the people.