The cognitive abilities of the person

cognitive abilities referred to mental processes in the human body, which are directed to the reception and processing of information, as well as at solving problems and generating new ideas.Modern science has attached great importance to strengthening these processes.

Today rapidly developing area such as NBIC-convergence.Despite the fact that this term is relatively recent, it actively employed scientists worldwide.Each letter abbreviation is a reflection of one of the four most advanced fields of knowledge: C - Cogne, I - information, B - bio, N - nano.According to scientists, the development of these areas will significantly change for the better life of human civilization as a whole and each individual in particular.

All of these areas are interrelated.The most progressive area is considered "information."It is this area gives the methods, models, diagrams for exploring other areas.

today in psychology that studies the cognitive abilities of the brain is often compared with the computer.Based

on this comparison mechanisms constructed for receiving and processing information.

However, the brain and the computer have a fairly strong differences.As is known, the machine can work perfectly for the given algorithms and framework.The brain can be wrong.Further, it is prone to restrictions.As researchers found, short-term and long-term memory of the brain is very limited.For most people the amount of short-term memory from five to nine units.That's the number of pieces of information a person can hold simultaneously in the brain.According to some estimates, the volume of long-term memory is less than 16 GB.

There are human and all sorts of restrictions associated with his life (religion, beliefs, incorrect fixation of causation, etc.).

With the advent of 60-ies of the last century, the first computers, the development of many scientific fields, it became clear that the volume of information increases rapidly.However, people in the past two millennia has not made any changes in the process of receiving and processing.This can lead to the fact that people are simply not able to cope with the flood of information.

Thus, the development of cognitive abilities for scientists today is one of the main tasks.In this connection, development of new methods and psychological circuit.The researchers are trying to find ways to strengthen human intelligence and cognitive ability.There are several methods used for this purpose.

first to find ways by which cognitive abilities tend to the maximum naturally.Among these paths in the first place, of course, a healthy lifestyle.This concept includes a balanced diet and taking a multivitamin complexes, and avoiding harmful habits, and physical activity.All this in combination allows to increase the efficiency of the brain.

strengthen cognitive abilities may be using training.These methods include:

- training of working memory;

- program it (memory) development;

- exercises and tasks aimed at improving intelligence (IQ).

improve memory and increase concentration may be using nootropic drugs.

to the method by which you can influence the cognitive abilities, and include rest.It should be noted that most modern people no concept of "rest" or "relax".For many of these words are associated with a trip out of town or watching TV.But in the conditions of modern life that is not enough, because people still think about the problem, trying to find ways of solving problems.And during the rest of the brain must shut down problems, stop thinking.In this case, the "relaxation" technique used by the East: yoga, meditation and others.