Marketing Concepts

marketing concept is revealed in the concepts of management and business philosophy, that is, in the organization of the economy and production, in order to meet the objective needs of each consumer of both natural and economic goods.On this basis, we can determine what marketing - is a holistic system of organization of production and sales of finished products, which aims to meet all the needs of the market, as well as to obtain benefits from such activities.But the most important task of this system is to develop an effective strategy and tactics of behavior in market conditions due to the study of the economic situation.

In today's market it is very difficult to express themselves and to prove that the products offered by the newly minted company, much better than the demand for which is already there.In a competitive environment every movement, every step, even the smallest, could be decisive.That is why there is a need to think and plan every detail of the company, because anyone who comes to th

e business wants to achieve success.

basic marketing concepts will help to understand in more detail in this difficult but very interesting science.

first concept that you need to remember - a need that is a keen sense that a person feels when he is something very necessary at this time.Necessity is the concept of classification criteria:

1. Depending on the causes of it may be: congenital (food, clothing) or acquired (success, money, recognition).

2. As a result of effects on health and the general state of human need is: positive (education, sport) or negative (alcohol, smoking).

second is sure to come in handy beginner marketer - the concept of motive.This is just a general term, through which is implemented in practice the concept and essence of marketing, because it is a motive - it is the need that in the current market environment has become urgent.It should be noted that this is the only right way, which is completely shapes the behavior of people who are consumers.

third term - need.It is very similar in nature to the tune, but the difference is that this need has already adopted the outline of a particular shape.

fourth concept follows logically from the previous three.Desire - backed by the will of human need.

Having learned these basic marketing concepts that may seem very simple and banal at first glance, you can achieve great successes, of course, only if the correct application of the knowledge gained.

of today is absolutely impossible to overestimate the importance of this science of building a strategy of market activity, in fact it can help to loudly declare themselves to market a revolutionary new and innovative products to attract new customers and expand the market for such products.Ways to move a lot, and every company should choose their own way of how it will develop, on which aspects to pay attention to and which did not affect the activity of the company, but in any case not allowed to forget about the basic concepts of marketing.

So, it is impossible to calculate precisely how many companies were registered around the world that offer the consumer the same or very similar products, in spite of this, someone is successful activities and receives huge profits, while others remained behind, unable to provehimself and prove that he is worthy of attention.Why is this happening?Everything is very simple.The reason is that the failing company forgot about the basic concepts of marketing, which are very simple, but incredibly effective are!