How to focus in the home for children?

If you do not know how to make focus at home, then this article is for you.After all, what is the focus?It's not just a gimmick, but the real magic that you can give to children.And adults from such a spectacle would be ecstatic.With tricks you diversify your kid's birthday or even in everyday life give him a smile and happiness.And what could be more smiling offspring?So, how do the focus in the home for children and not only?This you can read right now.We picked for you to such tricks that can be performed without the presence of special skills and experience in this business.

turn water into ice

Many people wonder how to do the trick home with water.Well, learn, practice and impressive.For this trick, you will need quite a few things: a little bit of water, paper cups and ice cubes.What viewers see?Their attention presents the following picture: you pour the liquid into a glass, do magic waving of hands, something sentences (needed to create the appropriate atmosphere of magic), and then turn t

he container from which poured ice cubes.Surprise children will not be the limit.Like all really going on?Thank you in advance preparing an opaque glass, napkins laid on its bottom, and place them on ice.Before the audience you pour water into the tank.While waving his arms, she absorbent cloth and left in a glass ice.Agree, even before the adults play a trick (provided training), not everyone guessed what was going on.

Transform Orange in apple

How to focus in the home so that the kids just opened their mouths in astonishment?Simple enough.Tell the kids that you can easily, quickly and easily can turn into an orange apple.Of course, they will not believe.Now your way out.You take in hand orange, cover it with a handkerchief (opaque), again utter any magic spells.Then pulls off a scarf, and in his hand is already an apple!How did it happen?

should not just read, how to make the focus at home, but also carefully study the instructions, it is desirable also to practice.The secret is that you pre-clean orange peel, but do it very carefully.Now, under the orange "clothes" you pick the right size and put an apple in it.During the "magic" ritual is necessary firmly hold apple peel and show everyone what you keep.Removing a handkerchief after spells, you remove it with sandpaper, and on the hand is an apple.The more carefully you otrepetiruete it in advance, the more will delight and surprise the children.

Where are without maps?

If you are puzzled over how to make the focus at home with cards, because you have no skills, no skills, do not hurry to get upset.This trick is very easy to perform - just do not do it when adults, because they will solve it quickly, but the kids will love.The trick lies in guessing the card.Do you offer any child to choose a card from the deck, memorize it and put it on top of all the cards.To do this it is necessary to your child so that the master does not see the image.The whole secret is that the magician then simply divide the deck in half and the bottom part lays on top.The only thing to remember - do not mix the cards, otherwise then do not look for the unknown, and all failed.Actually, and how to find it after these actions?Just before the presentation, remember the lowest card, because after all the machinations of the hidden image is directly beneath it.

Book piggy

This trick afford to make even a child, if he wants to surprise her friends.After the performance, he may uncover the secret of his own and tell how to make a focus at home.Before the audience you open the book, and then either present puts on page five coins.You close the book.For more entertainment, read some spell, waving his hands, that is to do all the things that gives the atmosphere a certain mystique.Then open the book, slightly shaking her.But there falls for 10 coins.That's the focus!Not everyone will guess that you previously hid 5 coins in the spine of the book.Just be careful, try not to move the book and did not raise her to the secret is not revealed in advance.

Learning to read minds

This trick can also make children's only one condition - they should already know how to read.Leading random (all the way to think) takes a book from the shelf and asks participants to name any of the page number.Then he leaves the room, and called his assistant opens the page and read aloud all of the top spot.After that, he returned to the room and a magician repeats everything word for word.Does he know how to read minds?Of course not, it's much easier.Behind the door is exactly the same book as the one taken "at random."Knowing the number of pages, young magician reads a line and then play it in front of guests.

Magic Ball

This focus, probably many of us still remember from childhood.So why not teach it and your child?To do this, you need a long knitting needles and a conventional balloon.Focus turns out very impressive.You flaps inflated ball, then make one precise needle movement, the audience watching the result - the subject of knitting is inside the ball, and he thus remained intact and did not burst!

Yes, it's real, that's just need a little practice yesterday.The secret is that you have pre-paste pieces of transparent adhesive tape on both sides of the ball.The main problem - to learn how to hit the target in order to produce the desired effect.

Obedient button

interesting that in this case, triggered the laws of physics, and it looks like a real focus.You need to pour into a glass of soda water and lower the back button.Now is the time to "train" it.First, you say, "pop-top!" Then the commanding voice says, "goes down!" Button performs all these steps!Few people know that the gas bubbles forming around the object, lift it up.There they burst, and the button sinks.The main thing - practice, in time to say a command.

Now you know how to make a focus at home.Photos of ideas remain a long memory and recalled the wonderful magic rituals.