How to make a bold font in your CSS?

To make bold to CSS, use a set of standard commands.But you can also use non-standard options, which give an interesting effect.Fat face is used to select a well-defined range of text.CSS helps us to assign the font to any phrase or even a single letter.If you're still using HTML-tags to achieve this effect, you need to reconsider their views on programming, as Cascading Style Sheets give you more opportunities as a developer.Some of them will be discussed in this article.


Bold CSS assign a simple rule: font-weight.The value you can specify different combinations.For example, you can write the property «font-weight: bold», meaning bold.The standard values ​​of the entry in «normal».In addition to the keywords can be used conventional figures.Conventional units range from 100 to 900, where 400 corresponds to the team «normal».This means that if you set a value less than 400, the font will lose its intensity, and if more, the kind of fat gain.This allows manual adjustment of the mark.

In CSS bold font can be assigned on the basis of the parent element.In cascading, there are two teams («bolder» and «lighter»), which can increase or decrease the saturation of the mark.Values ​​will vary depending on the parent element.Property «font-weight» can be recorded in summary form - «font», where it is possible to record all the characteristics of a font.

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Assign a CSS-font can be any HTML element or XHTML.The effect is seen only if the tag contains the text.In HTML, there is an analog property «font-weight».If you place the text between the tags & lt; strong & gt ;, then it will be more crowded.His property is completely identical to the value «bold».Some developers see no difference between the tag & lt; strong & gt;and CSS bold.But there are differences.The tag has its own meaning, is used for really important information.A CSS-property - it is only ornamental value, is used to decorate text.Let the difference is not felt in reading, but as the Consortium Board of the World Wide Web, everything should be in place.This procedure code will increase the life of your pages.It is not far off when browsers will learn to use a different way to render text, which will be allocated to the semantic and ornamental value.Do not forget it when you create your pages.


existing with CSS bold reduces the page's source code.It is not necessary to use the tag & lt; strong & gt ;.Simply make the necessary text in a particular class.And if you need to cancel a bold face, you only need to fix one file with cascading.But do not forget that you can not abuse this property, as excessive use of various decorative techniques can damage the text.It is advisable to use bold only when you need it, for example, to highlight the titles or names of a specific section.