Dispersal of clouds - the establishment of good weather.

Very often, bad weather interferes with our plans, causing spend the weekend sitting in the apartment.But what if you planned a big celebration with the participation of a huge number of inhabitants of the metropolis?Here comes to help disperse the clouds that carry power to create a favorable weather.What is the procedure and how it affects the environment?

first attempts to disperse clouds

first clouds began to break up back in the 1970s in the Soviet Union by a special jet Tu-16 "Cyclone".In 1990, the State Committee for Hydrometeorology experts have developed a technique that enables to create favorable weather conditions.

In 1995, during the celebration of the

50th anniversary of the Victory technique has been tested on Red Square.The results fell short of expectations.Since then, the dispersal of clouds began to use during significant events.In 1998 he succeeded in creating good weather at the World Youth Games.Not without the participation of the new methodology and the celebration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow.

At present the Russian authorities, to overclock the clouds, it is considered one of the best in the world.She continues to work and develop.

principle disperse clouds

meteorologists process of dispersal of clouds called "seeding".It involves spraying a special agent in the nuclei which concentrates moisture in the atmosphere.Thereafter, precipitates reach a critical mass and fall to the ground.This is done in the areas prior the city.Thus, the rain passes before.

This technology allows for acceleration of cloud good weather within a radius of 50 to 150 km from the center of the ongoing celebrations, which positively affects the mood of celebration and people.

What reagents are used to disperse clouds

good weather set using silver iodide, dry ice crystals floating liquid nitrogen and other substances.Selecting the component depends on the type of cloud.

Dry ice is sprayed onto the layered form of the cloud layer located below.This reagent is a carbon dioxide pellets.Their length - only 2 cm and a diameter - about 1.5 cm. The dry ice is sprayed from a plane from a great height.When carbon dioxide reaches the cloud, the crystallization of moisture contained therein.After that, the cloud dissipates.

liquid nitrogen struggling with nimbostratus cloud mass.Reagent as above the clouds dissipated, leading to their cooling.Silver iodide used against powerful rain clouds.

Acceleration clouds cement, plaster or talc to avoid the appearance of cumulus clouds that are high above the earth's surface.Dispersing the powder of these substances, it is possible to achieve weighting of rising air flow that prevents the formation of clouds.

technique to disperse the clouds

operations to establish good weather made using a special technique.In our country, the dispersal of clouds on the transport aircraft IL-18, AN-12 and AN-26, which have the necessary equipment.

Freight compartments have systems to spray liquid nitrogen.Some aircraft are equipped with devices for firing cartridges with silver compounds.Such guns are installed in the rear part.

control technology pilots specially trained.They carry out missions at an altitude of 7-8 thousand. Meters, where the temperature does not rise above -40 ° C.To avoid poisoning by nitrogen, pilots are flying full protective suits and oxygen masks.

As disperse clouds

Before you begin to disperse the cloud mass, experts examined the atmosphere of the meteorological station.A few days before the solemn event aerial reconnaissance clarifies the situation, after which begins the operation is to establish good weather.

often fly planes with reagents from the military airfield located in the Moscow region.Rising high enough, they spray on cloud particles of the drug, which is concentrated near the moisture.This leads to the fact that over the area of ​​the spray immediately drop heavy rainfall.By the time the clouds appear over the capital, water supply ends.

disperse the clouds, the establishment of good weather brings tangible benefits to the residents of the capital.While, in practice, this technology is used only in Russia.He engaged in carrying out operations Roshydromet, coordinating all activities with the authorities.

Efficiency disperse clouds

We have said that the clouds began to break up during the Soviet era.Then this technique has been widely used in agriculture.But it turned out that it can serve, and to the benefit of society.One has only to recall the Olympic Games, held in Moscow in 1980.It is thanks to the intervention of experts managed to avoid bad weather.

few years ago, Muscovites were able to re-verify the effectiveness of dispersal of clouds on the City Day celebrations.Meteorologists managed to bring capital from the powerful impact of the cyclone and to reduce the intensity of precipitation in 3 times.Hydromet specialists said that to cope with the powerful cloud is almost impossible.However, forecasters with the pilots managed to do it.

disperse the clouds over Moscow is no surprise.Often the good weather during the parade in honor of Victory Day is set by the actions of meteorologists.Residents of the capital, this situation pleases, but there are people who are wondering about what may threaten the interference in the atmosphere.What do they say about this Hydromet specialists?

consequences of dispersal of clouds

Meteorologists believe that the talk about the dangers of overclocking clouds are not baseless.Specialists involved in environmental monitoring, state that the reagents that are sprayed above the clouds, eco-friendly, they can not harm the atmosphere.

Migmar Pinigin, is the head of laboratory of the Research Institute, argues that the liquid nitrogen is not dangerous for human health and the environment.The same applies to the granular carbon dioxide.And nitrogen, and carbon dioxide contained in the atmosphere in large amounts.

Spraying cement powder and does not threaten any consequences.The dispersal of the cloud using a minimum percentage of the substance which is not capable to contaminate the Earth's surface.

Meteorologists claim that the agent is in an atmosphere of less than a day.Once he gets to the cloud mass, precipitation completely washed it.

Opponents disperse clouds

Despite assurances from meteorologists that the reagents are completely safe, there are opponents of this technique.Environmentalists from "Ekozashchita" claim that forced the establishment of good weather leads to extreme rainfall, which begin after the dissolution of clouds.

Environmentalists believe that the government should stop interfering in the laws of nature, otherwise it could lead to unpredictable consequences.According to them, it is too early to draw conclusions than fraught with action to disperse the clouds, but they definitely will not bring anything good.

Meteorologists soothe the negative effects of the acceleration of clouds are only assumptions.To make such statements, it is necessary to carry out detailed measurements of aerosol concentration in the atmosphere and set its type.Until this is done, the environmental approval can be considered unfounded.

Undoubtedly, the dispersal of clouds has a positive effect on the conduct of large-scale outdoor events.But rejoice that only residents of the capital.The population of the surrounding areas have to take the impact of elements.The debate about the benefits and dangers of technology to establish good weather continues to this day, but so far scientists have not come to any reasonable conclusion.