"Charge" - a park in Moscow.

«charge" - the park being built in Moscow at the site of the former hotel "Russia".According to the project the green area is conceived as a combination of urban and natural landscapes, a unique jewel adorning the city.The park is planned to collect a huge number of plants from all over the country.A projected Philharmonic promises to become a modern concert hall of the world, to attract not only residents, but also numerous guests.Thus, Moscow will soon become a new business card.

idea and start construction

idea of ​​creating a green zone appeared three years ago.And in 2013 announced an international competition to develop the concept on which the park will be built "charge".The winning project - the creation of an American company Diller Scofidio + Renfo.By the way, the authors of the famous New York Green Zone High Line.

Construction of the park "charge" started this spring.It should be completed in 2017, to celebrate the 870 anniversary of Moscow.The cost of construction may be about 150-20

0 million dollars, and it will be done entirely by the city budget.The project is notable for the fact that new parks have not been built in the capital for nearly fifty years.Therefore, the opening of the "charge" promises to be a truly large-scale event.

Concept Park

Without a doubt, it is worth saying a few words about the project, won the contest.The overall concept of the park is based on the principles of landscape urbanism.This means that the project is based on close cooperation of city and nature.In another way it can not be, because the "charges" is built in the center of the capital, close to the Kremlin and Red Square.

Park will combine the characteristics of the surrounding regions.This historic neighborhoods China Town, and the lush gardens of the Kremlin.At the same time in the park will feature a unique variety of flora.It is planned to collect the trees from across the country, recreating four landscape and climatic zones, existing in Russia.This forest, tundra, steppe and meadows.They will overlap and intricately mixed, creating an original and unique look of the Green Zone.It is interesting that the visitors will not impose specific routes for walking.Trees will grow freely.

Note that combine seemingly incongruous landscape is planned with the help of modern technology microclimates: the regulation of temperature, wind and artificial lighting.Due to this condition will always be comfortable for visitors: on individual sites will be supported by the warm weather in the winter and comfortable - summer.Therefore, the "charge" - a truly unique park.

Construction progress

Creating Green Zone began in the spring of this year.In particular, there is a filling of the underground pavilions of the park "charge" of the earth.The fact is that under the hotel complex "Russia" on the site which is under construction, left a large number of multi-level areas that need to be cleaned and leveled.This part of the work will take about six months.

soon begin excavation for the creation of the Philharmonic.Interestingly, observe the construction of all interested persons.This was made possible thanks to a special information pavilion.It is open every day and is a unique gallery depicting the past, present and future of the district, it is embodied in the life of an ambitious project and gradually arises park "charge".When all the planned facilities will be built, the pavilion integrated into the border of the green zone, and perhaps will be among the attractions.It is interesting that the pavilion is lit in the evenings, attracting tourists.

Philharmonic in the territory

pearl of the park "charge" promises to be a modern Philharmonic.According to the project the main hall will accommodate about a thousand spectators.Also, it will be held and chamber concerts, which visitors will be able to be up to 150-200 visitors.Philharmonic in the park "charge" and acoustics it developed together with leading experts from Japan.Before that, they were doing the sound at the Moscow Conservatory.

Philharmonic Building to be completed by the opening of the park.In City Hall say that it will be the object of a global and a worthy contribution to the cultural life of Moscow.Interestingly, the Philharmonic itself, and an outdoor amphitheater will be placed under the transparent dome made of glass.It will protect park visitors from the scorching sun and rain.

planned that the outdoor amphitheater will accommodate about four thousand spectators.It will be televised events that take place in the Philharmonic, as well as outdoor concerts take place.Under the dome will create a special microclimate - there will always be warm.

underground parking

Furthermore Park and Philharmonic in the "charge" plans to build underground parking.It will occupy an area of ​​about 37 thousand square meters.Its construction is already underway: currently filled base plate.Parking will accommodate up to five hundred cars.This will help relieve a bit tense traffic situation in the city center.

Vintage Entertainment

Park "charge" in Moscow will not only become a bright design and a comfortable place to relax, but also the heart of ancient Russian entertainment.These are the iconic landmarks of the capital - the Pskov Hill.

how to calculate the architects of the project, in winter it will be the central place for a fun sledding and holiday Maslenitsa events and festivals.This is a major city with a snow slide rolled out over the river.According to some historians, the capital, its recovery will be a genuine revival of the Russian spirit.

bit of history Zariadye

Charge - the historical part of the capital.It was formed in XII-XIII centuries and has been the main shopping area.

In 1534-1538 years built Kitaygorodsky wall charge from the department of the Moscow River.But in 1782, the district regained access to the beach through Prolomnaya goal.

fire of 1812 destroyed all the houses are in charge.New buildings were made of stone.At the first floor there were various shops and lived on the upper shopkeepers who are at the bottom.

all changed again in the 30s of the last century - has begun demolition of the historic district, affecting even the ancient wall of China-town.In the charge going to build a whole complex of apartment buildings.However, these projects have not been implemented.It was only in the 60s there was built hotel "Russia".But in 2006-2007.within the project area for the return of her former appearance was demolished.In its place will be built "charge" - a park, so intricately combines past and future.

«charge" - the pearl of the capital

combines the historical flavor and modern technology, natural resources and urban architecture, "charge" promises to be a favorite place of recreation for residents and visitors.Its area will be more than 13 hectares.The project "charge" can take more than ten million visitors a year.This means that the changes will affect and transport infrastructure of the capital.

For the convenience of visitors, traffic will be reduced, and the number of sidewalks, on the contrary, increase.The park will offer its guests a variety of entertainment: a walk through the picturesque gardens, spectacular winter sledding, fishing, and concerts at the Philharmonic and live performances.Will act as the world-famous artists and young musicians.This concert will be free of charge.

within the green zone is also planned to place the observation deck "floating bridge", which will be perfectly seen the neighborhood;fascinating ice cave, as well as numerous cafes, cozy restaurants and souvenir shops.

And here everyone will find something of their own, beloved and very dear."Charges" - a park for recreation year-round with a true Russian spirit.