Bangkok, population: size and composition

capital of Thailand - Bangkok - one of the fastest growing cities in the south-east of the Eurasian continent.Today, residents of the Thai capital are proud to form part of the town, which could challenge the Singapore or Hong Kong.Yearly statistics cited figures that show significant economic growth, and that the population of Bangkok is growing with incredible speed.Naturally, demographers are interested in what the real reason for this: urbanization, migration flows, the prevalence of births over deaths, or something else?

Thailand - a country of happy

Thailand is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia.The name is an English origin and means "Land of the Thai people."There is a version that the word "thai" in the Aboriginal language means "free", therefore, Thailand - a country of free people.The Thai government has an area of ​​514 000 km on two peninsulas: Indochina and Malacca (north coast).The country has a direct access to the South China (the basin of the Pacific Ocean) and t

he Andaman (basin of the Indian Ocean) seas.Like many states of the Far East, Thailand is considered to populous country.Despite its small size, it is home to about 8 million. People, and this number is growing every year, especially in the capital, Bangkok, with a population, however, is only 1/10 of the total population of the country.

Residents of Thailand

majority of Thai citizens (about 75%) - Thais.Nevertheless, this populous country.5% of its inhabitants - the representatives of the largest nation in the world - Chinese, about 5 percent - the Malays, the remaining 5 per cent - are representatives of different nations: Mon, fox, Khmer, Lao and Akha.However, not all regions of the country, this same percentage, for example, the number of Chinese in Phuket is 30%, and Bangkok, whose population is mainly composed of Thais in different periods flooded by Europeans, although statistics on this mostly silent.By the way, the people of Thailand do not differ longevity and life expectancy in the country, according to the Ministry of Health, is 67 years for men and 71 - for women.Thailand - the fourth (after Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore), the standard of living of the population country in Southeast Asia.And this is the main reason for the pride of Thai people.

What do we know about the capital of Thailand?

Bangkok, Krung Thep, or Maha Nakhon - one of the most beautiful and well developed cities in the southeast Asian region.One of the informal name of the capital - "Venice of the East".The city has a plurality of channels, and a huge number of branches metropolitan Phraya River Chhao creates visual similarity with the famous Italian city.In addition, the city is an important economic center, it is the largest cultural center in the East.It is intertwined several cultures: European, Chinese, Thai, and others. It is because of this reputation Bangkok one of the best cities for tourists.Also here the ideal place for shopping.

Location and population

city is located at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, on the very spot where it flows into the Gulf of Thailand.Despite the fact that Thailand - monarchical state, one of the most democratic cities in the world can call it his capital - Bangkok.The city's population elects its own Governor.After all, this giant metropolis as an independent province.Incidentally, the metropolitan area and neighboring five districts together form the Greater Bangkok.Population of administrative education, of course, many times greater than the number of inhabitants of the capital.Today it is difficult to judge the true boundaries of the city, because the metropolis daily absorbs the surrounding villages.The same applies to the population - in a matter of months, the villagers turn into the capital's residents.In addition, Bangkok is home to a huge number of visitors both from different regions of Thailand, and from many countries, mostly neighboring countries.

Bangkok - one of the largest cities in the world

The fact that the capital of a Siamese state is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, has long been known.And many believe that Thailand is a densely populated country like neighboring China, and, of course, interested in the question: how much of the population in Bangkok?Of course, China to Thailand is still far, he nevertheless one of the twenty most populated countries in the world.And its capital - one of the largest cities on the planet.The population of Thailand is close to France, Britain and Turkey.

comparison with countries seem to have understood.And what if we compare the Bangkok and London (population)?Where more?As of 2012 the number of inhabitants of Albion prevailed over Bangkok's population of almost one million 300 thousand.However, over the next two to three years the Thai metropolis rose to 9 million, while the population of the British capital increased by only 300 000 people.

As for the other major European states - France, everything is different.Let's see, where more of the population - in Paris or Bangkok?Of course, in the capital of Thailand, and 4 times.After all, the main town in the French just two (slightly) million.As you can see, far from Paris to Bangkok.Besides, if in Europe there is a tendency to reduce the population every year, the South-East Asia, on the contrary, it is growing by the hour.At the same time, Thailand is a country with a fairly high standard of living, and this is certainly happy.