Monthly during breastfeeding: causes and characteristics

have about eighty percent of the fairer sex menstrual cycle "bounces back" after ten to twelve weeks after the birth of a child, provided that they do not plan to breastfeed.Do moms who do it, normal menstruation later - about six months.

Often young mothers is alarming and embarrassing appearance in the first weeks after the birth of a baby red discharge from the genital tract.These substances really visually similar to menstrual, but the composition is completely different from them.They are called lohiyami (discharge from the uterus).Once the placenta during childbirth is torn away from the uterine wall, the last formed quite extensive bleeding area.That is why the first time after giving birth is a process of excessive bleeding - red lochia subsequently converted into allocation of yellow-white hue, eventually their number reduced.Thus, menstruation during feeding and isolation characteristic in the first "post-partum" weeks - two completely different phenomena that can occur in parallel.

Many people wonder why there are periods during breastfeeding.The fact is that normalization of the menstrual cycle is a natural biological process, it depends on the speed of the pace of improvement in hormonal levels of the body of the woman after the birth of the child and its condition affects the way in which breastfeeding occurs.If the baby is fed only breast milk, the menstrual cycle, usually comes at the moment when the child turns one year.Specialists in this case, we say: "The monthly during breastfeeding appear when the lactation period ends."

In the case where the child receives, in addition to breast milk, other dining options (the so-called complementary foods), the periods may occur before the end of lactation.

If a child's diet is combined character (mother's milk + lure), then monthly during breastfeeding normalized only after 90-120 days after the birth of the baby.The menstrual cycle after birth may be accompanied by pain.However, some women says: "Monthly during breastfeeding does not cause pain and much discomfort."Yes, it happens so.The fact that the cause of pain during the menstrual cycle - a bending of the uterus, resulting in the process of outflow of blood discharge difficult.During childbirth, the uterus, of course, is in its natural position, at the same time becomes a different order of interposition of the abdominal cavity, and the finding of the above "female sex organ" takes on a more physiological nature.Because the pain is simply absent.

must be emphasized that if the breastfeeding period started, that is, it happened in the period of lactation, there is no reason to panic.Also, there is no need to think that breastfeeding should be avoided.Very often there are situations when we went monthly breastfeeding, resulting in the mother's milk production has decreased.It should see a specialist and gradually introduce solid foods.