Paisius of the Holy Mountain, the elder.

Every Christian at least once heard about the elders, a feat that was pleasing to God.Their prayers are saving people from disease hazards troubles.Are there any monks today, in our time?Of course yes!An old man, who lived in the last century, and will be discussed.

Life Elder Paisius of the Holy Mountain: the birth and baptism

More accurate to say - life.Monk Paisii canonized in early 2015.So, imagine his life.

In Turkey there is a historical area called Cappadocia.It was here in 1924, on July 25, in a large family and at Prodromos Eulampia Eznepidis boy was born.Godfather of the child was Arseniy Cappadocia, now glorified among the saints.He named the baby his name and said he wanted to leave behind a monk.

Subsequently, the man who was his godfather, St. Paisius of the Holy Elder wrote that his righteous life Arseniy Cappadocia preaching the Orthodox faith, he changed his mind and overshadowed by God's grace Christians and Turks, believers and non-believers.

Childhood and adolescence Arseny

during infancy future Elder Paisius Orthodox believers have experienced harassment and persecution by the Turks of the Muslim faith.In this regard, many families were forced to leave their homes.Among the refugees was small and Arseny with their loved ones.In September 1924 forced migrants arrived in Greece.The family settled in the future of the holy city of Konjic.

Paisius of the Holy Mountain, the old man in the future, from early childhood dreamed of monastic life, often fleeing into the woods, where he spent time in prayer - not for years of selfless.

After school, he worked as a carpenter Arseny.In 1945 he was drafted into the army.During the war, the future monk was a radio operator.But he did not stop at the front asks the command of the most dangerous missions instead of comrades who had wives and children.

monastic way of elder

In 1949 Arseny was discharged from the army.He chose to become a monk and decided to go to Mount Athos.

elder Cyril, who later became abbot of the monastery Kutlumus, in 1950 received Arseniy novice.After some time, the future saint was sent to another monastery - Esfigmenou.There he got to the next stage of the monastic way, and in 1954 became a monk named ryasofornym Averky.He often dropped in to the elders, read the lives of saints, I prayed constantly for privacy.

to the minor schema (the third stage of monasticism) Arseny vows Simeon in 1956.The name of the future saint when it was given in honor of the Metropolitan of Caesarea Paisius II.

elder Cyril was the spiritual father of the monk.He has always anticipated arrival time Paisija in your hermitage, he knew the needs of Chad and helping to find answers to all questions.Through the prayers of his father Cyril monk Arseny grow spiritually.He tried to reach the grace of God and believed that for any problem that you need to meet humility, patience, good intentions.

Paisius of the Holy

Although Arseny loved since childhood solitude, but the trust Heavenly Father fishing.Many of the faithful went to the pilgrimage path to Paisius of the Holy Mountain in the hope of advice and support.A monk anyone and do not deny it.

In 1958-1962 years Paisius of the Holy, the elder, lived in the stoma at the Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin.Here he began to take pilgrims who came to him with their spiritual needs.

In 1962, the old man moved to Sinai in the holy cell Epistimia and Galaktion.At Athos Paissy I went back two years later and began to live in the Iberian Skete.

disease elder in 1966 was very heavy.As a result, he had to lose part of the lung.But the Lord did not leave a saint in the disease - of Paissy in the hospital was a good care.The nuns, who wanted to build a monastery in honor of St. John the Theologian, and helped the elder better, took care of him.Having recovered, Paisius of the Holy contributed to them to find a place for the monastery, moreover, it is the rest of life supported the sisters spiritually.

Blessed Elder Paisius of the Holy and love for people

Father Paissy again changed in 1967.He settled in Katunakah in Lavriotskoy cell of Hypatia.

elders have preserved the special memories of this place.He wrote that one night, praying, felt a heavenly joy and saw a lovely blue light which was very bright.But he kept his eyes monk.In recognition of elders in this light, he remained for hours without feeling the time and not noticing anything around.It was not the physical world, but the spiritual.

In 1968, became a haven Paisija Athos monastery called "Stavronikita."Pilgrims found everywhere elder.Feeling his boundless love for each of the people to give him a spiritual relief and necessary advice, they called him a saint.But the old man quite sincerely believed that he was the last of sinners, and no one ever refused to support.He was welcoming and gracious host, offering every visitor delight and a mug of fresh cold water.But others came to him a thirst to quench.

Even during his illness Elder Paisius strong in the Lord, took the suffering.All day long he comforted them and helped to have faith and hope, and spend the night in prayer, resting only for 3-4 hours a day.Sam said the elder spiritual children that good only brings benefit and joy when his sacrifice for the sake of something.He took the pain of people like his own, knew how to put themselves in the place of any person and understand like no other.This was St. Paisius of the Holy Mountain, an old man and such was his love for God and people.

Prayers Monk

Every day holy completely reread the Book of Psalms, and when everything was covered, prayed for the whole world, and for those who are sick, for spouses who are at odds, for working late andtraveling at night.

Once, at night, the elder was given the revelation that a man named John is in danger.Paissy Holy Mountain began to pray about it.The next day the monk attended the same young man, telling how the night of despair filled his soul, and he decided to sit on the bike, get out of town, off the cliff and crash.But the young man stopped by the thought of Elder Paisius, and he came to the monk for advice.Since then, John has gained a spiritual father, loving and understanding.Through the prayers of the holy young man and stood on the right path.

Prayer Elder Paisius of the Holy words uttered with such faith and love that many people got through that healing from disease.Here is one example: the holy addressed the girl's father, who was a deaf-mute.He told the elder that before the birth of a daughter in every way hindered his brother, who wanted to become a monk.Paisius of the Holy Mountain, seeing that the man sincerely repents, he promised healing the child, and prayed about it.And indeed, after some time, the girl began to talk.

healing miracles

Many people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and even the disabled, moving with difficulty, went from a monk Paisius healthy.There have been cases of healing from infertility couples.

girl's father, who had cancer, referring to the elder for help, he heard in response that, in addition to the prayers of Paisii, the man himself has to sacrifice something for the sake of his daughter.The monk advised him to quit.The man made a vow to get rid of the addiction, and the prayer of the elder girl quickly recovered.But his father quickly forgot about the promise of God and began to smoke again.Then daughter's illness had returned.The man turned back to the elder, but the monk said only that his father should first try for a child, and a prayer - it second.

There is a lot of evidence about the healing terminally ill patients, which doctors said that nothing can be done.Prayers monk here and help people get better.But he Paisius of the Holy Mountain, an old man, more and more deprived of health.

End of life

Even during lung disease in 1966, after taking antibiotics in Paisija be complications with severe abdominal pain.The old man thought that this would only benefit, as through physical suffering humbled soul.He endured the pain of standing for hours and taking wishing to receive his blessing.

In 1988, the state was complicated by bleeding monk.But the holy man Paisius of the Holy, not wanting to see a doctor, he went on to take people until in 1993 it was not hard.But even then, on the advice of his spiritual children to go to hospital Paisius of the Holy she replied that the disease helps in the spiritual life, so get rid of it, he does not want.

Monk with patience and humility experienced corporal suffering and prayed only for others but for myself never asked for anything.Yet Paissy succumbed perseverance spiritual children.When the doctors examined him, he was diagnosed with cancer.Two operations, made in 1994, did not bring relief.His soul departed July 12, 1994.This date is a day of remembrance for the Elder.Paisius was buried in the monastery of the Holy John the Divine in Suroti Thessalonica.

But the intercession of the saint on this has not stopped.Prayer Elder Paisius of the Holy Mountain, and today works wonders in helping to heal the body and soul the sick.

Trudy Monk

Many sayings and thoughts, written and spoken, left a saint.All of them are interesting believers and those who are looking for their way in life.And here comes to the aid of the Holy Elder Paisius.Books authored by himself and is a holy, simple to understand.Here are some of them:

  • "Word" (five volumes);
  • "Arseniy Cappadocia";
  • "Return to God from the earth to heaven";
  • "Letters";
  • "Fathers of the Holy Mountain and Holy Mountain of history";
  • "Thoughts of a Christian family."

especially like to mention the book "Words."Elder Paisius of the Holy lot of thought expounded on paper conversations with them were taped, his letters were also very interesting.All this material was used in the preparation of five volumes, each of which is a separate book.

first volume called "With pain and love of modern man."Arguments elder in it relating to contemporary mores, the role of the Church today, about the devil, sin and the spirit of the world.

second volume is called "spiritual awakening."Elder Paisius of the Holy it tells about the importance of working on ourselves, prudent behavior victory over today's indifference and irresponsibility of people.

third book entitled "Spiritual Warfare" tells the story of the sacrament of confession and repentance, as well as the fight against thoughts.

"family life" - the title of the fourth volume.It speaks for itself.Elder Paisius it talks about the role in her husband's family, his wife, about parenting, life choices, about the trials for loving people.

In the fifth book, "The Passion of the virtues and" saint tips are about how to recognize the passion and get rid of them, and how to go to the virtuous deeds.

Prophecy Elder Paisius Athonite

about the trials and times that have already come, the monk began to speak in 1980.He talks to people trying to rouse them from their indifference, covering the whole world.The old man tried to help get rid of selfishness and infirmities to the prayers offered to the Lord, were stronger, or words to God, become weak and unable to help people, and myself too.

Predictions Elder Paisius Athonite mainly relate to events that precede the end of time.What John the Evangelist wrote in his book, "Apocalypse", Monk clarifies to give a reference point in going on.

According to Elder, the arrival of the Antichrist will be: the Zionists to present him as their Messiah.This person - Buddha, Christ, and the Imam, the Messiah of the Jews, and those who are waiting for Jehovah's Witnesses.The latter also recognize it.

precede the coming of the false messiah will be the destruction of the mosque in Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

All these events are postponed until the Lord for the sake of every person.In the words of Elder Paisius, that "we have gained a good spiritual dispensation."

About 666 including the monk said that it is already being implemented in all countries.Even laser tag people in America do - on the forehead and arm.That's what will put the seal of the Antichrist.Those who did not agree to do it, can not get a job, something to buy or sell.So the Antichrist wants to take over the whole of humanity.To abandon the print will help Christ himself.The adoption of the mark would be tantamount to renunciation of Jesus.

Visioning elder

There were predictions that did Elder Paisius of the Holy Mountain.Books
his utterances contain many prophecies.Thus, the holy said that Turkey will take Russian and China with two hundred millionth army enters the Euphrates and reach Jerusalem.

More Elder claimed that the world war will begin soon after the Turks block the dam, the river Euphrates, and will use the water for irrigation.

also saint during the Brezhnev era predicted the collapse of the USSR.

He has spoken many times about the war in Asia Minor, the disintegration of Turkey to Constantinople.

As can be seen from the above, some predictions have come true, others may soon begin to be translated into reality.

By the grace of God elder reveals the future to warn once again living on the earth today, and to reason, to make you wonder.

Many saints in the history of Christianity.But the role of those who live with us or lived more recently, can not be overstated.After all, many people are strengthened, and some have believed, because of the prayers of the saints and miracles.Life of Elder Paisius Athonite just convinces us of this.Bright monk, whose love for the people was boundless.Such courage in overcoming themselves, their sickness and disease can be, perhaps, only the saints.

Blessed Paisius of the Holy, pray for us!