"Visa" and "MasterCard".

"Visa" and "Mastercard" - a payment system that many banks in the world use for calculations on the cards belonging to both individuals and legal entities.Read more about systems, about the history of their appearance, about how they differ will be discussed in this article.Also, we will answer the question of what to do if your card is "Visa" and "MasterCard" is locked.

little history

all started with the fact that in 1958 one US bank, namely Bank of America, has issued a payment card, by the way, a novelty for its time.After a stream of customers who want a "piece of plastic money" has grown so much that I had to do a separate service, dubbed Bank Americard Service Corporation - it was a prototype of the payment system Visa.His memorable name she received later.And it is not an acronym, but in the literal sense of the word - "Visa", a short and easily deposited in the name of the memory.The first card with bright blue logo saw the light in 1976.With regard to the Master Card, that it was founded

somewhat later (assuming the base for the year, "Visa" 1958 th), namely in 1966.Some, again, US banks have signed an agreement on the issue of a single payment system, which had the name of the Interbank Card Association.Later, he was also changed by more capacious and concise - Master Card.

market share payment systems

As "Visa" and "MasterCard" are extremely popular systems, one of these logos can be found on 83% of payment cards in the US and other developed countries.Actually, the "Visa" more popular than its rival, it has a global market share of approximately 57%, which is a big part of it.As for the "MasterCard", there are several indicators are modest - 26%.Today cards that bear one of these logos, accepted in more than 200 countries.Note that the "Visa" and "Mastercard" - a payment system, which was originally based on the dollar.It is not surprising, because their homeland is the United States.But anyway, you can get a plastic in almost any currency of the world, most banks work with them.

The markedly different cards "Mastercard" and "Visa"?

Actually, if you are in Russia, and ask the questions to the state or private bank, then you are unlikely to get a definite answer.For Russia, the significant differences that can drastically affect the choice of system, no.The banks themselves are sometimes satisfied with promotions and advertising campaigns to select a particular system, but rather, it means that they are more favorable conditions for cooperation.Needless to say, the payment system, "Visa" and "MasterCard" differ from each other.First, the settlement currency for the Visa system is only the dollar, which means that all payments that require currency conversion (for example, you pay card "Visa" the purchase of TV in China), will be made through the dollar.The system "MasterCard" have some choices, because it works not only the dollar but also the euro.In some cases, it may be beneficial.Moreover, in Russia for such calculations it used correspondent accounts in euros.

What card to choose: with the "Visa" or "MasterCard"?

No need to say that a piece of plastic - bank card - this is not an expense, but rather the way, the key to it.And he, the account in Russia may be in rubles, euros or US currency - dollars.Generally, as already mentioned above, the choice of cards tied to a particular payment system to pay attention when you often travel abroad or make purchases in foreign online stores.If you intend to use "plastic" exclusively at home, the system "Visa" and "MasterCard" are equivalent.But travelers or shoppers have something to think about.Here are some examples: Let's say you are in Amsterdam and want to pay the hotel, thus has a card tied to the ruble accounts.When payment cards "Visa" currency conversion will go as follows: the ruble-dollar-euro, and nothing else.When using the card with the logo "Mastercard" simplified scheme: ruble-euro.Considering that the double-triple currency conversion - this is an extra percentage, however small, debited from your account, for frequent trips to Europe in the country's currency "euro" and the other is better to give preference cards "MasterCard".As well as for trips to the United States is still better to use binding system "Visa".

Freedom of choice: a little more about the features of maps under consideration of payment systems, which can affect your preference

The following list shows some of the features of systems "MasterCard" and "Visa" in Russia and other countries of the world:

  • Because of its prevalencepayment system "Visa" has much more ATMs to withdraw money in the world and in Russia than its competitor - the operator "MasterCard".This can be a significant advantage in favor of the choice of cards "Visa" in the case, if you are used to travel to exotic and not quite civilized countries.In Cambodia, for example, very few ATMs, so the chances of seeing the blue logo there is much higher than any other.
  • noteworthy that both systems are no limits for withdrawing money from ATMs owned by third-party systems.It can make life easier and a trip to China, where the most common payment is a local operator China UnionPay.
  • note payment via "Visa" and "MasterCard" shopping on the Internet has such nuance.The so-called "verification code", or rather its designation from different systems.For example, the card "Visa" accepted abbreviation CVV2, and for the "MasterCard" is different - CVC2.

These are differences, but it is mainly a question of conversion of funds when traveling abroad.Remember a simple rule: if you are traveling to Europe, select the card "MasterCard" if the United States - Visa, in Russia - what more like it, or that the bank offers.

cards "Visa" and "MasterCard" Sberbank of Russia

major bank issues cards that can be attached to one of the considered payment systems.You can make your choice.The bank, together with the major Russian and foreign companies offering different bonus programs, which can later be converted into additional encouragement in the acquisition of free tickets and so on.Before releasing the card, think about what life style you prefer and what services do you use most often.For example, if your job or business associated with frequent hops or you are just a lot of traveling alone or with your family, it is advantageous to choose a system of "Visa" card and connect to the joint program of the Savings Bank and the company "Aeroflot" - "Aeroflot Bonus".By paying for the "plastic", you accumulate virtual mile after that may well be converted into miles of real - you can redeem them for a ticket to anywhere in the country or the world.Details of these programs can be found in any office and branches "Savings Bank".That's how to use the cards not only convenient, but also profitable.

What if the card is blocked?Typical causes of shutdown of the card system

This is the nightmare of any traveler - when paying for goods abroad suddenly discover that his cards "Visa" and "MasterCard" blocked.What to do in such cases?First, do not panic.The fact that banks are never cut off your card "specifically", mainly it makes the system settings that spelled certain criteria to calculate the fraudulent use of cards (for example, it you have stolen, and someone wants to do on itpurchase).Among such indicators may be:

  • Transactions committed abroad, whereas you previously did not leave abroad.This can equate to atypical behavior of the client and eventually lead to the blocking of the card.
  • Sum's operations.For example, if you are "suddenly" wanted to make a major purchase, spending all the money under the settlement that is in the account, and even abroad - it is almost entirely the operation, part of the so-called risk group.
  • track your typical shopping.Earlier in the store you purchased it on the map is mainly clothing, food and cosmetics, and then suddenly want to buy the most modern computer or laptop, or, say, skiing with boots, it can also lead to the blocking of the card.

Also, the system instantly shut off the plastic from your service if you an hour ago made a purchase in Omsk, and after 60 minutes, tried to remove her own money from an ATM USA.Agree, it is physically impossible.But described the case - a typical card fraud, which the banks have learned to track quite well.In general, it can be concluded that blocking financial institutions carry out for our own good.In order to somehow prevent this unpleasant surprises in the application for a card, you can further specify which country you visit often to get them at risk, as well as to prevent the bank during each trip abroad.Often this does help to leave "the key of the account" in working order and not be in the middle of Paris or New York with a useless piece of plastic in his hands.But this is only prevention, below we have given a brief guide on what to do when the cards "Visa" and "MasterCard" blocked.

Quick Guide to unlock the card payment system known

If you are in Russia, the easiest way is to go to the nearest branch of the bank and write a statement to unlock the card.Usually it again include working directly with you.Some financial institutions, mostly private, provide services to unlock the card by phone.In this case, you can call on the line and multi-channel, connecting to operator and calling card number, code word, and perhaps answering a few questions about your personal data and performed payments, unlock your card.Important - in the preparation of plastic interest, and whether it is possible in case of power of your "key to the bill" to reactivate its work on the phone.Many banks provide this kind of service, but many people - not.Therefore, if you are suddenly left with a locked card "Visa" or "MasterCard," which launched the Russian establishment, and the bank does not support the unlock card without a personal parish in one of its branches, it would be impossible to unlock.

Summary and Conclusions

Unfortunately, all the rules listed in the paragraph above, apply to cards of foreign banks, because their branches are subordinated to Russian realities.For example, if your card institutions Royal Bank of Scotland blocked abroad, you can not right there, abroad, unlock it at the branch.We'll have to fly back to Russia.Anyway, with frequent trips abroad you need to clarify the possibility of release cards, as well as in any case do not "put" eggs in one basket, but to have a "plastic" several banks.Then you are abroad threatens to remain without money.